How to transfer bookmark folders to speed dial

  • Hello! There is no any bug to report, i just wanna ask you one question! Is there any simple way how to add saved bookmark folder, from Bookmarks/ My folders to speed dial, or i have to copy paste every single bookmark to speed dial and create all folders manually again?

  • did you try drag&drop?
    works here on my win10 (stable and dev)
    cut/paste also...make sure you right click on right panel in bookmarks manager for speed dial folder, and then you'll see paste option

  • I tried drag and drop, didn't work, but i found solution: Pres menu on top left corner, then Bookmarks, then My folders, then right click on folder you wanna add and then press Save as speed dial folder, Done! 🙂
    Thanks for suggestion anyway!

  • You can also copy the folders/pages to the Speed Dial folder.

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