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Horizontal Scroll and Zoom button

  • Apparently Opera thinks we don't need Horz scroll and an easy to access Zoom.
    Some of the add on zoom apps sorta work till you reach the horz edge of screen.
    What is latest version that still has a Horz scroll and a zoom control on tool or address bar? Anybody know?

    I think I was using Ver 12, or somewhere in that range, but with a new computer, Win 10/64 pro, I decided to install latest Opera -- This is not going to work for me.

  • Zoom is on the menu, horizontal scroll should work from the scroll bar. If a page should display a horizontal scroll bar and doesn't, you should file a bug report.

    Though actually, they released a security update to the 12.x series - 12.18 - last month if you really want that. It is only a security update, no new features, but it does fix sites where 12.16 gave an error about being unable to make a secure connection.

  • Thanks, but, I'm aware there is a zoom under menu, makes thing rather awkward with the additional clicking and scrolling. It is only partially functional, 10% fixed granularity and when you hit the horizontal edge of the page, thats it, no more zoom available.

    Don't expect the scroll bar bar to be there if it's not needed, but if I attempt to zoom beyond the horizontal edge, it's needed. I programed some G keys for zoom, (in, out, default), but don't see any way to adjust granularity. And it was great to be able to input, 225%, or what ever, into a visible scroll box and hit enter.

    I initially started using Opera waaaay, back, pre V5 because it was faster and customizable, and had security features the other browsers didn't know existed. Somewhere around 11 or 12, (need to fire up the old XP box and see what Ver it actually was) the updates started losing functionality, so I stopped updating. Now jumping to 36 I find it's been dumbed down to mass market, lowest common denominator level.

    Is there anything left that makes Opera better than the other browsers? I switched to Firefox on my phone, it's ugly and clunky, but substantially faster than Opera.

  • Zoom is on the menu, horizontal scroll should work from the scroll bar. If a page should display a horizontal scroll bar and doesn't, you should file a bug report.

    There is a site, The page doesn't fit horizontally, and you can scroll by your arrow keys in Firefox and Opera Presto. But there's no horizontal scroll-bar there.
    And you can't scroll it horizontally in Chrome here (W.XP, I don't know). So it might be there's a generic Chromium problem. And yes, one can report that inability to the site people, I guess.

  • FireFox 64bit for desktop pops up a Horz scroll bar if you zoom past the Horz edge of the screen, on most sites. It doesn't just stop zooming.

    I also ran across a new browser called Vivaldi, former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, and a bunch of other devs that left when Opera went Chromium, started it. The 64bit is still a beta, the 32bit's are like Ver 1.x. But it looks really promising, their stated goal is to bring back a fully configurable browser for "the power user". Never thought of myself as a power user. From what I've read they are pushing the requested enhancements to the top of the list. I downloaded the 64 bit and played with it a little, looks really promising. Gonna take a bit to get it the way I want it, worth the effort.

    I think they plan on implementing the old right click on a site to bring up cookie rules on a site by site basis, overriding what ever global settings you might have. That tells me they are pretty security conscious.

    Near as I can tell the newer Opera's are nothing but Google Chrome with a different skin, and prob a bit less spy ware. Guess I'll be using FireFox and Vivaldi.