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Opera 20.0.1387.77 useless at youtube streaming and site issues

  • I am downright fed up with Opera now, even the Stable version is hammering my 2.5Ghz iCore5 Laptop just to play a youtube video. This is absolutely ridiculous, the processor will be kaned anywhere from 46-95%. If I use Maxthon for the same video it will use 14-25% at most and I will not have so much heat or any fan noise going on. What in the hell is going on with this browser. I only come back to it because I find flaws with other browsers but at least they do not hammer my processor to do what should be easily done. No wonder people keep upgrading hardware, it never ends with dodgy software like this overburdening everything or expecting the best of everything to be present just to do simple tasks. The sooner a good all round browser comes out the better. Even that Sleipnir is dire when you really study it, the fonts are terrible and the tabs still need work. Sort this out for god sake as I am starting to really hate Opera who also sped more time on pathetic mobile browsing now than desktop browsing. I am very angry.

    I also cannot even get PCWORLD.COM to come up at all now, for a long time Opera has struggled with this website but now it just decides to tell me the page is not there but on other browsers it works perfectly. I thought using the chrome system meant more compatibility. Very tired of all this now.

  • HP laptops actualy have a Bios update which fixes the noise that the fan makes, of course if you smoke cigarettes all that tar is gonna get into your fan and clog it and the fan is still gonna act like crazy when it gets hot, so open it and clean it. here's tools to monitor cpu temp if it's about 75C you need to open the computer and clean the fan. HP normal temp is 45 Degrees Celsius. my cpu is about 23 but it's a desktop. HP's don't have a good cooling system, it could be opera, i don't watch youtube that much, but also if you download smplayer they have stube or something little browser where u can watch youtube videos without flash Hd OF COURSE.. if u need help my email is this user name @

  • There is absolutely noting wrong with my HP Pavilion g6 laptop and I do not smoke either. The problem is a pathetic piece of browsing software called Opera. I told you I have zero issues with any other browser and it is downright disgusting to have my processor hammered for a poxy youtube streaming. I know about using VLC but why should we have to use external well-programmed software so badly programmed software like Opera can take the michael all the time? I cannot believe a browser with the potential of Opera cannot view youtube anymore without acting up. Let me just tell you this, I can open multiple videos on redtube at once in different tabs at the same time and still not come close to how Opera is kaning my processor. Now what annoys me is how Opera forces you to download updates, where is the switch off to stop updates. I would gladly go backwards in release to stop this nonsense but whats the point if I will be forced to upgrade to the crap again. I am just tired of Opera now and wish the old team was around instead of this new bunch. Its like this forum, it is not as good as the old one. Opera has gone backwards and the only thing I credit for these days is its amazing speeddial but then again it adds so much time to startup compared to the likes of Luna and Maxthon. I wish I could code because I would make a real browser. I think it is time we got the writer of Palemoon browser to work on a Chrome type browser instead which will destroy Opera. I used Palemoon for ages but it was clunky compared to the chrome engine, if only they would make the change.

  • Can you please submit the URL of the youtube-video?

    I have Opera 20.0.1387.77 installed and all youtube-videos are without any problems.

    Before you blame Opera it should be cleared first, wherefrom the problem comes.

  • I have been Opera on this same machine since I have had the machine, the machine is cleaned daily with multiple good cleaners including Privazer. Unless you can prove to me privazer has removed something of Opera's to cause such a problem I will continue to blame Opera. All other browsers work fine. I am running Windows 8.1 are you? It happens on any youtube streaming and I need to test it on another site like redtube and see if it poor on there too. So are you using a mobile iCore 5 processor in a laptop or some desktop super-powered iCore 7 or 5 with a fancy graphics card running on a big fat transformer? I first noticed an issue with Opera pulling on resources with the last developer version, so I thought I'd go with Stable and hope the nonsense would be corrected. Then I find it happening on this stable version. Annoying!

  • Youtube streaming for me in Opera running on Windows 7 consumes on a 2008 HP laptop a Core 2 Duo 2GHz (T7200) CPU with integrated Intel 945 graphics chipset (according to Windows task manager) as such.

    Opera 12.14 while playing fullscreen, an average of 25-30% CPU, peaking at around 40%

    Opera 21.0.1432.5 while playing fullscreen, an average of 15-20% CPU, peaking at around 25%.

    I'll try Linux in a minute, just to see.


    12.14 on Linux consumes about the same as 12.14 on Windows, with an additional 6 tabs and a pinned mail tab opened, because this (Linux) is my default system and 12.14 my default Opera version.

  • Dude I have 47 tabs opened in opera and then i opened a 1080p youtube movie, total was 2GB of RAM plus 1GB from windows, the cpu is at 35% now with no video, and it's still good. i have a amd athlon ii x3 450, 3Ghz and 4GB ram, with a broken gpu nvidia i bought it used no 3d or nothing the picture flickers for no reason sometimes..... hehe its funny how frustrated you are... I like opera mainly because of the speed dial, or whatever they call it these days start page.... in any case your cpu is at least twice as better than mine, and three times as better as the linux mint dude's . smiley face, but linux mint has a good video card and i cant run anything but CentOS with no 3d, and windows which flickers the screen sometimes, not during video, in general......... .......... my point, those automated cleaners are like that one thing they had on commercials little round vaccum that goes around the house on batteries and vacumes... they don't work, mostly they are just adds...... dude why is your name so familiar, is it greek, anunaki..or is it from Thor or something... so just go uninstall all the prorams you don't need, if you arrange them by date its easier, delete that privazer, i don't even have an antivirus on my computer, i don't need that, i don't go to doctors to get flu shots either, they don't work... in any case, can you screen shot your installed programs and the processes according to ram usage, so we can see what u got

  • oh and i mentioned smplayer because playing youtube witout flash is better, flash is there only so they can put commercials in videos, no flash no commercials, and it's slower