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Speeddial misbehavior after closing a group popup window !

  • I have a speedial consisting of 7 columns, and it's filled with links. The speedial contains many rows such that the ratio of my contemorary view's height to the entire documents's height is around 1/7 or 1/8. In the top I have a few rows made up of groups, the rest being single links. Since a few versions back of Opera, whenever I close a group popup window, the view is automatically repositioned vertically to the center of the document, which is definitely not what I want. Please fix. Thank you!


    Oh yes, I forgot to provide opera and system details: Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, Opera 36.0 (As I mentioned, the problem has been ongoing since a few versions back, before 35 if I remember correctly)

  • Would appreciate if a moderator edited the title, changing "goup" to "group". Thank you!

  • Another update and problem still persists; after closing a group popup window, the speeddial is "scrolled" down to the middle. I also notice that the word "goup" I requested to be fixed, hasn't been fixed. Thank you very much!

  • Another update and problem still persists

    It was reported?

    Btw, when it started to happen? Start Page have changed a lot so it may be by design and not a bug.

  • No it was not reported there since I, due to experience with other software bug reporting sites, assumed you would need another account and hence never bothered taking a look. Since it doesn't LOOK like it needs (another) account I will do that later and see.

    I don't know exactly when it started to happen, but as I wrote in OP somtime before version 35.0 I think. That cannot be design, not sensible one, because it makes no sense for the designer to assume that I want to scroll down to the speedial's vertical center when I close a group popup. I'm sure you agree with me. This obvious bug or illogical design forces me to scroll up again each time I (open and) close a group. Thank you for the reply!

  • I'd like to report that with the build 37.0.2178.32 the bug has now been fixed. Thanks to everyone involved.