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Speed dial, theme background, extension disappeared

  • Well, I don't know exactly what happened, if an update have been instaled or what, but until yesterday everything was ok.

    Today, when I first turn on my laptop and open my Opera, the theme backgroud has changed itself, speed dial folders disappeared (the other sites in speed dial remain there, just the ones inside folders disappeared - I checked that the disappeared ones still appear in my Opera Stash, but in a session called "Others Speed Dial (as i'm using a version in portuguese, im not sure if this is the correct name).

    Beside that my extensions also disappeared. I'm not sure if there is any file corrupted causing this, but it seems like if a different user was accessing opera, but I dont know if this is possible.

  • couldnt update/edit the post above, im getting the message:

    Error - You are not authorized to view this page."

    Whatever, if I donwload an extension and after that close and re open opera, the extension also disappears, whats happening?

    Already uninstalled and installead a clean install, didnt help. X(

  • Something seems messed up with your installation.

    Try a standalone installation and check if the problem still happens.

    BTW, which version of Opera you were using before?

  • Im not sure what version was instlled previously, but what I wrote in the post above is happening with the latest version. I think is a malware issue, not sure.

    I want to backup my speed dial and stash with every single website i have stored there. If possible, woul like to backup my last session also.

    What files should I copy and where they are located? Thanks.

  • Hi sifrud.
    what version of Opera do you actually have? Stash is gone from Opera like a year or more.
    What OS do you use?

  • going to opera:about list you your profile location. Theer is everything Opera has stored for you. On windows it's
    C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

  • Version: 36.0.2130.32 - Opera is up to date

    sorry, when I said "stash" I meant to be the bookmarks

    so, what files should I copy?

    current session

    where is the speed dial file?

    should I also copy the following?


  • so, what files should I copy?

    Those above, if you want to backup your bookmarks and spee dials.

    where is the speed dial file?

    Speed Dial is part of bookmarks.

  • thanks a lot!