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Opera on Windows 10 keeps uninstalling

  • I'm feeling pretty confident that this is more of a windows issue than an Opera issue and I'm hoping that it'll cease but for the last two months, I've periodically had to reinstall Opera and in the last two weeks, its been every single day.

    Windows 10 will force an update on itself and in doing so will delete Opera completely. It won't be on my taskbar, desktop, anywhere and I'll have to reinstall it.

    I apologize if there have been threads about this already in the past but as far as I can tell so far this is the only software that I'm noticing my Windows doing this to. I tried looking through threads for some indication that someone else has had this issue to see if they've got a fix. I've googled this issue and it seems to be a rather rampant problem since November 2015 with no fixes that I can find anywhere, just tons of really frustrated people. I suppose I could consider myself lucky because I've seen stories where its un-installing people's device drivers for hardware that's physically in their machine, but its still frustrating.

    Anyone know anything about this or any way to get it to stop? I'm about ready to move to Apple.

  • A Windows update shouldn't delete or uninstal any software in your computer, something seems strange.

    How is Opera being installed? The regular folders are being used?

  • Yes all the regular folders are being used, I googled "Windows 10 uninstalling software without my permission" and there's a lot of other stories of it doing the same thing to other people and as far as I can find, no workaround yet. I've been using Opera for several years now and I'll ditch Windows before I'll switch browsers. I even have it installed on my office computer at work.

  • Are you sure it's uninsatlling it? Is the .exe still in the programs file or wherever you put it?
    Win10 is known to make Edge the default browser again, with no input from you.
    There is a cure for that, but if it's really uninstalling, I have no clue.

  • Yes all the regular folders are being used

    Let me try to understand: You install Opera normally on c:\Program Files (x86)\Opera and at after some time Opera is no longer installed there?

    What about other programs?