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Today my Opera Browser's Google Searches have begun working differently.

  • Links to sites like Wikipedia have stopped working, they open a "This webpage is not available" with a url of "intent://" to start. If I open the link in a new tab, it loads fine.

    Same thing for Youtube. Tapping a Youtube video opens the Youtube app. This is NEW functionality, and not what I want. "Open in new tab" opens the video in the browser.

    These bugs need to go, or the browser will be unusuable.

  • I can confirm this. Many Google links don't work anymore or open other Apps (for example Stack overflow).

  • I can also confirm this. Also: it doesn't happen with other browsers on Android (ie. Chrome, Firefox).

  • Confirmed. In Chrome it doesn't happen.

  • It is weird. As mentioned above:
    e.g. Wikipedia pages can't be opened when I am in google search (it redirects me to "intent://" and shows that the webpage is not available). But, if I sign in to my google account, then the same page opens. Also it opens in a new tab or in Bing. Problems also with lot of other sites/links. Anyone?

  • Using android 5.0.2. Moto e. Same page not avaiable message following google search tumblr links. Just installed opera. Rather disappointing.

  • Have you reported it to Google? Also, it was reported also using the "report a problem" tool in Opera for Android?

  • Have you reported it to Google? Also, it was reported also using the "report a problem" tool in Opera for Android?

    Have not reported it to Google. As for the bug report I'm following Opera's arrive:
    If your bug is being discussed in the Opera community forums, a report has probably already been filed. Additional reports will then serve no purpose, as they will simply be marked as duplicates.

  • One more data point. I run android without a Google account. Starting today, when using Chrome, following a Google search link leads to the google prompt that reads 'just a sec' and then insists that I put in my account information or open a new account, not to the web page the link should open.
    Fortunately the trick mentioned above about opening link in new tab leads to desired page.

  • Have not reported it to Google.

    Would be interesting as it has a chance of being an issue on their side.

  • Problem solved. Now, Opera in Google Search is opening mentioned sites/links/webpages. Haven't done anything. Obviously it has been some kind of a bug in Google-Opera.

  • More than obvious.