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Why is Opera signing me into sites automatically?

  •  Please read before you comment only on the title:

    I never use password manager! I never use the save passwords option! So why is Opera saving my passwords and login names? And yes I have the option to save passwords turned off! So why is it saving my private information regardless of save being deselected? Even after using CCleaner it will still log me in automatically! Why would you force this onto people? Many of us are smart enough to remember our passwords and logins, And we do not like the idea of a hacker having easy to find account information. This is the whole point of not letting a browser remember passwords and using CCleaner! I had to uninstall Opera because of this! I will not use a browser that does only what it wants to do! Why do you even have the offer to save PW option? And the PW manager option if it saves everything anyway?

  • Opera never did sign you in automatically - you always have to click the login button on the site. If you are signed in automatically (without pressing the button), that is the site setting a cookie to remember you - clear your cookies.

    Likewise, some sites store form data on your computer as either cookies or "site data", you may want to clear that too.