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Please do not accept the investments from 360 firm.

  • I'm a Chinese and have been using the Opera web browser over 10 years. Recently, I hear that a Chinese company called 360 will 100% invest opera, and all the big dogs around the table prefer completely to hug the new boss.

    You guys may not know that in China, 360 firm has an ugly reputation, especially in IT field. They usually use the little free candy firstly to attract the ordinary people to rely on their products, later on, they start to insert ADs a little by little or do something like spyware that collecting users' information. Finally, those people who addicted 360 products, suddently found that they lost their privacy. 360 products have been occupied their computer as a second OS. The worst thing comes, the drugged people eventually found that it is very very difficult to uninstall completely 360 products from their devices ( excluding ios and MAC OS X which benefits from APPLE's strong power ).

    They act like virus, they are too much low.

    Please do not accept the investments from 360 firm, it will totally destory Opera web browser.

  • I thought that browser was totally destroyed back in 2013.

  • Stng, :).
    Luke, do you really?.. 😕

  • @lukelukeopera

    360's products... What a bunch of cr@pware. I have a extremely negative experience with removing these "products" from computers of my unskilled buddies.

    I wounder why their "products" are not detectable as malware/scumware by a anti-virus programs.

  • Anti-virus software only detects viruses, not adware or spyware.

  • If an AV company lists a 'legitimate' company's products as malware and blocks it, they run the risk of an up-close-and-personal encounter with that company's legal team. If it were merely a difficulty in removing a product from computers that made a software item 'malware', there would be some AV companies as well as backup utility companies facing that accusation.

  • I tend to believe in the good faith and veracity of who wrote the initial content of this discussion.

    I experienced, personally, through my wife's laptop, one invasion of an increasing wave of these plagues. At the time, I resorted to the services of a site that, benevolently, offers these services (remotion of Malwares), here, in my country.

    They recommend to those that opt to pass the remotion to them, do not take any initiative. They command to the owner of the infested pc, make some initial downloads of programs antimalware indicated by them, execute them, and send to them the related logs (reports). This continues, at homeopathic doses, depending on the quantity of invaders that exist.

    In my case, within almost a week, they got remotion and cleaning of all.

    They argue that, if the owner of the infected computer precede the delivery of removal services to them by any scan on his own, it may not only hamper the success of their work as even prevent it.

    On the other hand, I believe on the majority of security suites, Microsoft (with the Windows Defender) and non-Microsoft, joins to their anti-virus the capacity of prevention, combat, and removal against several species of malware. And of my knowledge (and use), an excellent specialist , Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.