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Keyboard lag on Youtube

  • Hi!

    I experience a serious lag on Youtube while commenting. The lag is only keyboard input lag, the video plays without any problems. My typing has almost a second delay. Not only typing, but even if I scroll YT with keyboard.
    I was curious about using screen keyboard feature of Windows. Not delays at all! If I type with that mouse keyboard software, it works perfectly.

    Tried to disable all extensions, disable HW acceleration (just made other things worse and didn't help on keyboard input delay.)

    I tried many things, nothing helped and I am clueless about the solution.

    My computer:

    -Intel G860 CPU @ 3GHz
    -2x4 GB RAM
    -1TB Western Digital purple HDD
    -Asus nVidia GTX 750 OC
    -Windows 7 x64

  • What is the keyboard? Does it happens only in Opera?

  • It's a Genius K640, it happens only in Opera and only on Youtube. I used Firefox before but I had problems with it. I changed to Opera yesterday and the speed difference is huge. And it's more stable. So changing to Opera is a huge improvement in every area, except this irritating issue. I'm not sure it can only happen on Youtube, but I didn't experience issues like this on other sites yet.

    And yeah, I fired up my Firefox again just to check this out, there is no lag there. Just the browser feels slow in overall compared to Opera.

  • I have same problem in addition to the speed dial disappeared after restarting opera

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