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Opera Mini 13 for iOS released!

  • Effiency needs to be worked on for next release of Opera Mini Or version 15, if it is too late to make the needed improvements for version 14.
    Version 13 which is the latest version for iOS 7and 9 is NOT running very smooth, with hiccups, generally laggy and sometimes unresponsive, on My iPhone 4 and 4s which have the latest versions of iOS 7 and 9.

    I have recently switched from an iphone 3GS with iOS 6, which is the latest ios that 3GS supports. Opera Mini version 6, which is the latest compatible version for iOS 6 is from my experience definitely smoother and for most times without the irritating hiccups and laggyness in version 13 on iPhone 4 and 4S.
    The only way I,ve found to make it somewhat smoother to use is to set "Data Savings" to "Opera Mini" instead Of the other option "Off" which somehow makes the problem even worse sometimes.
    I Believe it started to go wrong with Opera Mini 8 as it seems to have made major changes from version 7 which some users complained about in the forum.

  • Apparently, Opera Mini 14 for iOS was released today...

    So far, so good. Not sure what changed, though.


  • iPhone 6 and iPad Mini, Latest version of IOS
    Opera quits when trying to load my website

    Works fine on Opera Desktop OS X

    Any ideas

  • What ever happened to the excellent java engine? At one time could save js calc pages like and they recompute offline.
    Now the java engine only work when online.

    What gives?

  • Hello

    ive read somewhere i can share to opera mini using the share sheet in ios. Is this correct? because at the moment the share to opera mini button is not displaying in the share sheet in ios!!!!! appreciate any support, help or a point in the right direction where i may get help for this, thank you!!!

  • Will this browser ever see a proper update? As far as I'm aware, problems I'm experiencing with iOS Opera Mini have existed for a good few years and I see no signs they will be dealt with. Also there are much needed features I'd like to see.

    • Opera is slow to load when opening the browser.
    • Often a page will start loading and just stop when its partially loaded forcing me to reload which isn't always successful.
    • Deleting private data doesn't remove open tabs and they load the next time I open the browser.
    • The browser crashes after a while, pretty much every time I open and use it, losing all my open tabs.
    • There's no way to select a default search engine and I hate using Google.
    • Lack of decent privacy controls like blocking 3rd party cookies and do not track option.
    • Private browsing is hidden behind too many menus and I'd like to see an option to have private browsing on permanently.
    • Deleting private data is also hidden behind too many menus.

    I am currently testing the new pilot browser which removes the existing browser from my iPad. I'd gladly use any of these browsers if the above issues can get fixed!

  • Amazing, for months this browser does nothing but doing nothing for 15 seconds and then crash.
    Haven't been able to even open it for literally months now.
    I'm used to Opera Mini taking way longer to start than any other of my ~40 apps, but at least the older version eventually started.
    Meanwhile you must have got dozens of crash reports only from me, so do you plan to ever release a working version again?
    It's really a pity, OM has been my mean browser for years (as long as it worked)...

  • Just noticed this post. I think most of Opera's work with ios right now is focused on the new beta browser rather than mini. The beta crashes a lot, reloads a lot, and is generally a pain in the butt. They finally added "open in new tab" so the "back" bug isn't so crippling anymore.

    I still drop back to mini when the beta's not going too well (while waiting for the next drop), and when I do, mini works fine for me (within its usual constraints).


  • OK, back to Mini until the next beta drop - too many crashed sessions. (And on many reloads, the beta mocks me by telling me how much data I've saved, as if all the reloading didn't eat up all that data and more!)

    And I forgot how much beta needs night mode...


  • Oddly, a day or two ago, my Mini (iOS 9.3.5 13G36 and Mini has begun using a smaller font in Mini mode, but not in Turbo mode.

    So far as I know, I didn't do anything to make this happen.

    I'd love to get it back to it's usual font size; my eyes aren't too bad, but they're not too good either...


  • I am now using OPERA-Mini 14.0 on my iPad but LASTPASS doesn't work for most sites.
    When I hit "Share" in the main menu, the LASTPASS icon is there, but when I use it it says:


    This happens all the time when I try to log in in any of my accounts.
    What am I doing wrong here ???

  • With the last update in June 2016, is Opera Mini for iOS still in development ? would be about time when compared to Opera Mini for Android.

  • Agreed with Wegglined. Opera for iOS is too old compared with version for Android and working very bad. Development is closed?

  • They were testing a new browser for IOS but even that seems stalled.

  • not much perspective for putting any more money, work and effort into opera/opera mini for ios, when globally apple's market share is constantly falling, while android keeps growing even in absolute numbers.

    outside the us is where opera really shines, on cheapo devices, slow and expensive mobile data rates and sparse wifi coverage.

  • Well, actually the Android version is quite a desaster as well, just look at the Playstore review of the last couple of weeks.
    Or if you're brave, try the latest version for yourself, it certainly didn't change for the better...

  • It would be nice if the title actually reflected Mini for iOS v 14, as released back in June of 2016.

    I'd love to see some action on iOS. The beta browser was so unstable, I stopped using it. And I missed night mode.

    Any beta action I should be aware of? I haven't seen anything in testflight in ages; maybe they don't like me anymore.

    Just feeling sorta lonely...


  • Is there going to be an update to Opera Mini for ios any time soon?

  • Apparently we're up to v16 for ios. This sticky seems a little old...