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Opening an URL from command line without raising Opera?

  • I am trying to open an URL from the command line without bringing Opera to the foreground.

    I have tried:

    opera -noraise -newtab
    opera -noraise -backgroundtab

    But both commands bring Opera to the foreground. The following commands, on the other hand, fail to open the URL, too:

    opera -noraise -remote "openURL(, noraise)"
    opera -noraise -remote "openURL('', noraise)"

    Any help? Thanks.

  • Version of Opera? As far as I know, the remote commands were specific to Opera 12 and earlier. But note, most window managers give a new window focus - that is, what you're asking will probably only work if Opera is already running. But look up commandline arguments for Chromium, if you are using Opera 35.

  • I am using Opera 35. Opera is running already, when I ask it to open a new tab, therefore it is Opera itself that is raising its window, not the window manager.

    I couldn't find any command line flag for Chromium that could fix this issue. Thanks anyway.

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