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Six Year Old I-Phone (3GS) Finally Bows Out, but How Do I Save the Bookmarks?

  • Good evening.

    After six years of service, the I-Phone 3GS that I replaced my Blackberry with in 2010 AD has finally reached the end of the line. It's having trouble holding a charge, the Home button is busted, and the Voice Control pops itself up randomly. The Safari browser crashes (but Opera doesn't) almost every time. It's time to bury this workhorse in the ground.

    I will be replacing it with an Android model.

    One problem with having such an old I-Phone is that I cannot update Apps beyond the final IOS for that model. This means that I have an older Opera Browser App on my phone.
    I have four years' worth of bookmarks on that sucker, and I don't want to lose them, because I don't have them stored anywhere else. I use Opera on my I-Phone for specific tasks and pages that I sorted and categorized with both Opera and that one phone in mind. I did this years ago and am now finally paying the price of having a six year old computer phone.

    How can I extract the Bookmarks and Saved Pages of my I-Phone 3GS' Opera Browser and either synchronize them or manually install them onto a future Opera product?

    I don't want to lose all these bookmarks. I spent far too long gathering them together and sorting them in my phone's Opera Browser to wipe them clean and have to spend hours finding them all over again.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • What version of Opera? I don't know iPhones per se, but recent versions of Opera can synchronize bookmarks between multiple devices - Android, iOS and desktop/laptop computers. When I get a new tablet I just install Opera and enable Sync and it pulls in my old bookmarks automatically.

  • My Opera Mini App is version There is no more recent version for an I-Phone 3GS.

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but you are coming half a year late. In December 2015 Opera shut down the old synchronization service known as Opera Link that was serving older versions of the browser running on legacy systems.

    One could sync data with it and then export to the new system called just Sync, I guess. But since the old servers are down, it is probably too late for that.

  • @turtleshroom, I think it's possible to backup an app in iTunes. So you can probably save your Opera Mini installation on your computer and then restore it on some newer iPhone (with at least iOS 7). Then you can upgrade this Opera Mini 7 to recent version. Bookmarks and Speed Dials from version 7 should be preserved when upgrading to new version. Then you can set up sync to get your bookmarks uploaded and once it's done you can uninstall Opera Mini on iPhone and set up sync on your new Android phone.

    If you're kind of a hacker, you may try to download Opera Mini app data from you iPhone and extract the file with bookmarks. Then find and install Opera Mini 7.0.5 on Android. Then you need to find a file with the same filename as previously extracted from iPhone and replace the file. I'm not sure if it will work, but if you have some spare time then just try and I wish you good luck:)