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Opera 12.15 for Windows a memory hog

  • Originally posted by victorxstc2:

    I am sure Opera guys would do something about this bug.

    You shouldn't expect this, Opera 12.x won't be developed further, you're already testing an outdated version. Opera 15 and up is the reality.

  • I didn't mean in Opera 12, but in future versions. It is strange that v 15 is rolled out. I relied on my automatic updater. It didn't install the new Opera. Lets download the newest one then!

  • It's Chromium-based and lack many functionalities right now so they decided to not push through auto-update, but it installs alongside 12.x so don't worry.

  • Thanks rafael. However I worry Opera team discontinue the current franchise.

    To Opera Guys:

    Oh my goodness! It terribly sucks, whatever it is. Some years ago we asked for a Light-weight Opera (Opera Light) for users who are not enjoying an advanced product, but need something simple like Chrome. We suggested that to save the sophisticated Opera from the pressure of simple users requesting that here, asking Opera developers to create a Chrome-alike besides the routine version. If this version 15 is the light one, and Opera will produce a technology beast (e.g., a sophisticated version 15 (like the current 12x)) I would love to use the heavy version and enjoy watching Opera Light converting users of other browsers to Opera.

    However, if the light version is going to be the final and the ONLY solution for all the Opera users, I would DEFINITELY leave it after about 10+ years of happily using Opera. It is no more Opera as we knew it and enjoyed it. It is only a piece of junk.

    I have persuaded so many of my friends to use Opera. Now what do I have to say? A new Chrome called Opera is in market?! Besides, I always mocked chrome for being so silly and ridiculously inefficient. Now I see the best browser ever has fully copied the worst one! I use to rate Opera 100, Firefox 40, Chrome 20, IE 02. Now I would rate Opera about 20 on the same scale. Where is all those super-user tweaks?

    I just pray to god it is an Opera Light version besides a natural sophisticated Opera (like the current 12.x) to be rolled out soon.... If it is, that would be perfect, and I am so grateful. Otherwise, I consider new Opera a big failure and disappointment.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Originally posted by victorxstc2:

    Originally posted by j7n:

    Originally posted by victorxstc2:

    I can tell that Facebook is a RAM killer for Opera. Other sites that accept Facebook comments as well immediately reduce Opera performance by taking up my PC's limited RAM (2 gigs).

    Facebook is a "hog", agreed. But it can be blocked.

    Yes but most of the time, I am surfing it. So blocking is not so practical for me.

    One of my posts at the top of the search results list shows how to block Facebook integration on 3rd party websites, while keeping Facebook's own website fully functional. Facebook may have changed a little since I looked at it but I believe this would still block most of its widgets and buttons.

    I opened about 50 websites. Each page of this site has some small memes and sometimes larger gif files, a Facebook commenting panel, and some flash ads.

    That is what AdBlock or UrlFilter are for.

    Lolz Book has to be put on diet immediately. This urlfilter will remove Facebook widgets from all sites, all the other widgets present on Lolz Book, except the lines above each picture (, block all tracking services and graphical ads, and restore the ability to right-click on the page to copy or save text and graphics.


    Opera using 333 MB of RAM with 50 pages of Lolz Book open; this time showing just the silly memes without ads and widgets.

    Second question is that why Opera uses 800 megs (as the best option) to 2.3 gigs (as the first experience) for 50 silly meme sites? It should use about 200 megs top for such amount of tabs full of simple content, not 800 megs, not 2.5 gigs.

    The site loads a considerable amount of ads, tracking java script, and "social" widgets.

    However, if the light version is going to be the final and the ONLY solution for all the Opera users, I would DEFINITELY leave it after about 10+ years of happily using Opera. It is no more Opera as we knew it and enjoyed it. It is only a piece of junk.

    The new browser most certainly is a piece of junk. xD It is heavier than the feature rich Opera. And most importantly, it does not have urlfilter to take control over websites like Lolz Book. I wish they could add an "expert mode" switch to hide advanced controls for users who don't opt in to seeing them.

  • I see Opera 15 has even copied multiprocess approach of Chrome. It looks so pathetic. I am sorry to say this, but I thing Opera guys need negative feedbacks too.

    It also occupies 10 to 60 megs of RAM per different tabs which might need only 1 to 3 megs RAM. TERRIBLE.

  • put this start up command

    --disable-gpu --in-process-gpu

    it will decrease RAM usage, with cost Decrease Perfomance.

  • j7n, I appreciate your nice comment. 🙂

    I have forgotten how to quote within quote, so my response would not be as neat as yours.

    About disabling Facebook integration without disabling Facebook itself, thanks a lot. That is awesome. 🙂

    About the ad filter and url filter, thanks a lot again. I am aware these are in part caused by ads, but I believe the used RAM is actually wasted somewhere else (poor coding, etc.). If each page of LolzBook really contained around 50 megs of information to occupy RAM, my internet connection was dead by now. I pay for my bandwidth per the used gigabytes. 50 pages, each with 50 megs of information would eat up all my connection and I had to pay and re-new it! So although disabling some features and blocking the ads would definitely help, these are not the culprits. As an addition to your solution, I even use my Opera in the "Cached Images" mode to prevent an image to load twice from the server (less bandwidth usage, better speed, less RAM). So I agree with you in reducing the bloated content of the websites.

    But I think about 95% of the RAM used for each tab of Lolz Book is a waste of RAM, due to code issues. (kind of bug actually).

    It is interesting that you loaded the same amount of tabs with only 300 megs of RAM. It is shocking! However, I think the ads are not consuming RAM. How Opera deals with those ads is the culprit. Each ad might need 500 K or 1 meg, not 20 or 30 megs.

    And yes I would definitely use all your advice. Thanks.

    About the piece of junk and your suggestion on Expert Mode, I fully agree. However, another idea was to release two different versions. One simple (Light Opera) which used less resources and was easy for non-tech people and also for netbooks, and the other one was heavy. Making a single software having both looks and both behaviors, itself, might bloat the software. But anyways, I would hug any solution other than this!

    Besides as you said this new version is not even "light"!

  • Originally posted by spartaa:

    put this start up command

    --disable-gpu --in-process-gpu

    it will decrease RAM usage, with cost Decrease Perfomance.

    Thanks a lot. I will use it.

  • The 50 pages generated about 80 MB of downstream traffic for me. When reloading a page with Dragonfly open, it reported that most JavaScript was reloaded from cache. Still the state of each script on each page is different: different ads received from keywords present on each page, different count of shares for each picture on social media. You could also download a browser, install it five times, and display different content in each of the five. The browser would have been downloaded only once.

    I reloaded the same 50 pages again in three browsers:

    Opera 11.64 with ads: 1300 MB of RAM, load time 90s, peak usage about 1500 MB.
    Opera 11.64 without ads: 347 MB of RAM, load time 33s.
    Opium 15 --disable-gpu no blocking: around 1860 MB of RAM, if Commit Charge is compared, didn't measure loading time.

    Here is one meme from Lolz Book, saved using the excellent Opera browser:

  • j7n that was one very comprehensive feedback to the Opera team. I loved the Opium term (literally laughed).

  • Originally posted by Pesala:

    300 Mbytes out of 4000 is about 13%

    Lol at that math. 300 is not even 10%.


    11 tabs open. 1.7 GB memory used.

    How ridiculous is this?

    Sure, I can shut down Opera and wait 3-4 minutes (!) for the process to finally finish and restart it. Memory used will then be a few hundred MB. A few hours later it'll be right back up at 1.5+ GB. Opera slows down to an absolute crawl where it's almost unusable.

    No matter what version I use (currently 12.15), I have always had this problem. And my PC is CLEAN... I'm actually a software engineer myself. How they do a job this bad is beyond me.

  • I've had mine peak out about 10 Gb or RAM used, by just opening and closing a lot of tabs over the span of several hours, seems like a memory leak (at least it doesn't free up memory when you close tabs it seems). At that point my disk was going like mad as it was hitting hard-faults all the time and system froze for like 2 minutes when I closed Opera as it was freeing everything up.

    Just staying open with my regular tabs and a flash game running it seems fairly stable around 1Gb though. (I have 12Gb RAM in total).

    Opera 12.16 64 bit on Windows 7 by the way.

  • Originally posted by sherool:

    ...seems like a memory leak (at least it doesn't free up memory when you close tabs it seems...

    No they intentionally made Opera this way, so when you undo a closed tab (ctrl Z), the re-opened tab is immediately right there.