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  • Please add a warning if Opera is closed when multiple tabs are open.

  • +1

  • "Close tab to the right" is right by "Close other tabs" and "Reopoen last closed tab." Misclicking it instead of the latter, and then having absolutely no recourse, is a terribly frustrating experience.

    Likewise, "Close other tabs" is next to "Close tab to the right" and "Close tab", which means that a simple slip of the mouse could mean the difference between closing the intended tab(s) or trashing everything in the current window.

    And then there's the problem with the close button (mentioned in the topic "Confirm exit option"), which has a similar effect to "Close other tabs" and also lacks any sort of confirmation.

    The potential for lost pages/field inputs/work is enormous given how easy Opera makes it to do something that, if not intended, can cause quite a problem.

    While the closure of individual tabs is harder to screw up and easily rectified with the "Reopen last closed tab" function, a confirmation prompt setting is the only safeguard against the accidental closure of multiple tabs (along with the erasure of everything entered into them).

    Sure, one could still make the case that user should be more careful. However, people aren't perfect, mistakes will happen and a web browser should aid them in doing what they intended rather than punishing them for minor slip-ups.

  • Tabbed browsing has been around for ages, but I still can't get the hang of an X closing more then one thing. And I forget I had something else open. I could be looking at a page in a browser, go off and read an email, open a browser tab to look at a link, then close it, then immediately realise I was previously browsing something else and have closed that too. Every other browser warns of closing multiple tabs, it's odd Opera doesn't.

  • After a period of ongoing problems with Firefox I decided to try Opera and so far I am enjoying using it.

    Being of a certain age, change can be challenging but largely Opera seems intuitive and practical. However, one thing I do miss is a warning when closing multiple tabs - if this was optional surely no-one could object?

    I have yet to see how responsive Opera developers are to suggestions but Googling around indicates that lots of folk would appreciate this change.

  • It is a long time request.

  • +1. This is an extremely important & basic feature. Without a confirmation there is no workaround to get the closed windows with its tabs back as the history will not even show the tabs if delayed loading is turned on as set by almost everybody...

  • +1

  • I absolutely love Opera, but the reason I will not convert it to my main browser is that there is no option to warn me before closing all tabs. I continue to lose many tabs by forgetting that it shuts them all down. Opera, you are almost perfect but this needs to be an addition very fast, it's a basic function to help everyone. Why haven't you added this?

  • How much I agree with you mntwister. This is being sent from IE11 as my default browser only because of the lack of confirmation for closing multiple tabs. I have not seen anything supporting the lack of this facility.

  • Useless piece of Sheeeeet

    Just opened a window I did not want, I closed it and the whole F'ing program closed with all my work.