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Interrupted: Virus Scan Failed - Cannot save image or download anything in Opera 20

  • Here's the screenshot:
    cannot download or save image

  • The code to add images here doesn't seem to work...

  • The code to add images here doesn't seem to work...

    How did you use it?

    I didn't configure Avira to scan download on Opera

    But Avira is working in real-time/on the fly? If so, it may be scanning (alomost) everything in your computer, including downloaded files.

  • Oh and btw, I tried adding new themes to my opera from the library but I got this error: An error occurred when installing the theme undefined.
    I get the feeling this problem is related to the downloads problem.

    Probably. Have you tried different versions/installations of Opera?

  • This is what I typed to add images here:
    !"cannot download or save image"''

    Replace " with square brackets and ' with round brackets.

    I've been using Opera 12 but never encountered such problems. I switched to Blink Engine Opera because more websites started not to load properly in Presto Opera.

  • This is what I typed to add images here:
    !"cannot download or save image"''

    That link lead to a error page, maybe this is the problem. Also you should use "Alt" before the text.

  • Alt Cannot download or save image
    This time I'm linking from Flickr.

  • This time I'm linking from Flickr.

    I can't see the image here. Are you using a direct link? If i try to open the image on a new tab, it opens Yahoo's login page.

  • Cannot save images or download
    Trying this link from Dropbox.

  • If I where in your shoes I would assume an infected system and not an Opera issue. Download Malwarebytes or Superantispyware and do a full system scan.

  • @shoukei, your Dropbox image does show up at that URL.

    Have you tried a download of one of the same images using a different browser, such as IE?

    I'm not precisely certain how Avira works on such things, but when a file is accessed on the drive or moved to/from memory, most 'always-on' AVs will examine it, regardless of what app is being used at the time. This is what @leocg is referring to by "real-time/on-the-fly". It's possible that Avira is attempting to do that for download files in a way that interferes with the continuation/completion of Opera's download process in some way (such as not releasing file access back to Opera following the immediate scan, or by interrupting Opera's control of the file in such a way as to boggle Opera). You could try an experiment: if there's a simple image that you can trust to be "clean" on a trusted site, go to that site and temporarily turn off Avira completely (if possible), then try a download of that image. If it downloads successfully, you'll at least know there's an interface issue between Avira and your Opera installation. (Then, of course, be sure to turn your AV back on.)

    In such a case, you should then try a re-install of Opera to see if the problem clears. If that doesn't clear it, file or amend bug reports at both Opera and Avira to include descriptions of what you've tried and their results.

    The other possibilities, which are much lower, is that the files all are indeed infected or that your system was already somehow infected. In those cases, you should also get similar reactions or blockages using another browser.

  • If i'm not mistaken, Opera adds a temporary extension to the files being downloaded. Maybe Avira is somehow unable to do the check and is giving the error message.

  • If i'm not mistaken, Opera adds a temporary extension to the files being downloaded. Maybe Avira is somehow unable to do the check and is giving the error message.

    You may be on the right track. That would explain the AV being cited in the blocking explanation in the OP's image, rather than there simply being some kind of cryptic or generic error message. What would help greatly is if there are any other Avira + Opera 12.1x users out there reading this who could share how things work on their system. Anyone??

  • Does Opera use the .part extension on downloads until the download is complete like some other browsers use?

  • Does Opera use the .part extension on downloads until the download is complete like some other browsers use?

    It's kinda of a own extension, like .opdownload or something like that.

  • @Blackbird71 I tried turning off Avira's real-time protection and then saving an image but the same thing happened. I then tried doing this with Firefox and Opera 12 but nothing like this happened. Maybe there is a specific config in opera 20 that needs to be set?? Has anyone experienced this while using Opera 19 or below?

  • @shoukei, just to be clear on what you've done so far, has the problem occurred with Avira's Web Protection turned off, regardless of Avira's real-time protection setting? You said earlier you had not "configured" Avira for Opera, but I want to be sure of what you mean.

  • I only have Real-time protection option enabled in my Avira installation.
    As for the config, I was talking about the setting in Opera 20 which are similar to what is seen in Opera 12 when I type "opera:config" in the address bar.

  • If other browsers don't show the same problem (and they appear not to), then it definitely has to do with something in how your Opera 20 installation and Avira are interacting. It also indicates that infection of files or computer is almost certainly not a factor in the appearance of the problem (unless it were something unique to Opera 20, which is far too new and minimally-used to have attracted much targeted hacker interest).

    With regard to the Opera and Avira interaction, it seems there could be 4 possible causes,

    1. A unique installation problem with your Opera 20 that is interfering with proper operation.
    2. An obscure, incorrect setting in Avira that causes it to interfere when it shouldn't.
    3. An installation defect with Avira that causes it to interfere when it shouldn't.
    4. A design flaw in Opera 20 and/or Avira that causes interference to Opera's downloads.

    What is really needed (and thus far hasn't happened) is for another Opera20/Avira user to appear here who has first-hand knowledge of whether or not the problem exists for them. Given that both Avira and Opera 20 are not the most commonly-used software of their types, the odds of another user employing both and also reading this thread are, unfortunately, somewhat low. Without confirmation of the problem on another similarly-equipped system, and with the things you've tried/observed thus far, all we have is speculation about possible causes and further things to try that are more 'guess' than 'knowledge'.

    • You could attempt a fully new, clean install of Opera 20 and see if the problem repeats.

    • You could try also posting at Avira's support forum (select it at ), which might provide another avenue of solution, especially if there's something else within Avira that experts in its use might suggest trying.

    • You could (at least for now) "live with the problem" by using another browser to do your downloading, until another major Opera version appears that might clear the problem.

    • You could switch antivirus software (though if Avira is working fine for you, this is rather drastic).

    Beyond those, unless I'm overlooking something obvious, I'm personally at a loss regarding what else to suggest unless/until some new information appears or until somebody else using both Opera 20 and Avira comes along to share their experiences.

  • I tried uninstalling and reinstalling opera 20 and I still couldn't download anything. Then I did another search on the internet hoping to find out if other people were experiencing the same thing, not just with Opera but, with other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE. In one discussion, the problem was actually with the antivirus scan registry key settings. It was fixed by editing the registry keys on the computer. Here's the discussion:!topic/chrome/yVKQ4py2LwI

    I tried that fix and I was able to download stuff and save images. So it wasn't a problem with Opera nor was it with Avira. It was just the OS's setting for when to do an anti-virus scan.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies and support.

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