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Make a Opera Button in Opera ver. 11.52

  • Hello all ,

    I have made some opera button on some of my others Opera v. 11.52

    No problem at all until today I do it again on my 5th Laptop ( same v.11.52.exe installer that I always use from my thumb drive )

    I paste :


    It does not give me the usual link that I can click to pop-up Opera button ., but showing me gooogle search error.

    Any work around to this ?

    ( I made Opera button always no problem using the same way on all of my other different laptops )

    Thank you very much.

  • Sounds like you left a space in it somewhere ...

  • Thankyou so much sgunhouse.............. I feel this may be the case.

    I'm going to check that when I am home layter.

    Do you know may be , if I have come Opera Custom button in some of my laptops already builded.

    Can I use some other method I could either save or transfer or send to other Opera copies so that I can use these custom Opera buttons on other of my machine without need to re-build them from scratch ?

    Thank you very much.

  • You could copy your toolbar setup file from your profile's toolbars folder, then select it in Preferences > Advanced > Toolbars.

  • Thanks.......

    Would this will mess up the destination machine once I copy to it?

    I just want the button I custom build, not the whole set of buttons including those default ones.

    How I can recognize my buttons from this file? Or if it is possible just to grab these my buttons instead of whole series including those default buttons?

    Thank you very much


  • You know , during I build my buttons Opera shown me a blank page called my button where I can place these custom buttons onto this blank page.

    I want to see if I can copy all these buttons from my button page only.


  • Hi sgunhouse ,

    I am having problem still as I checked my command was 'without any space' when opear v. 1150 still does not allow to give me the button.

    I type into Url this : opera:/button/Delay,10,,Del%20i&Delete%20permanently

    Opera shows me error of :

    Invalid address

    Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site.
    Search with Google

    What bothers me is, this Opera v.pen 月结客户150 the installation file ( the .exe ) I use this same one since many years on all my other laptops without this problem when making my custom My Button.

    Thank you very much.

  • Thank you sgunhouse , SOLUTION FOUND !!!!

    1. in address bar, go to : opera:config#UserPrefs|SearchFieldOnErrorPages

    2. The 1st item it says : Search Field On Error Pages. un-check it.

    Make sure you scroll down & look up the SAVE button and click SAVE.

    Exit opera & start opera again.

    Now i can make my button with above fixed.

    Thank you very much once again to your time.