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[Solved]Opera saved data deleted on Shutdown and deleted or disabled extensions keep coming back

  • I have been plagued with my saved data, mainly bookmarks, being deleted on PC shutdown and extensions I have deleted or disabled coming back.

    As a result of this, I have to keep reclaiming the data if I can from memory and again deleting the extensions every time I shutdown. It is damned annoying. One of the disabled extensions is "Close & Clean", which keeps coming back enabled, there are others.

    I have checked Settings and cannot find any problem.

    Can anybody PLEASE tell me what is going on and how to stop it. HOW can I delete an extension so that it NEVER COMES BACK ?

  • It happens when you close Opera? Or just when you shutdown the computer?

    Do you run any software that cleans data from the computer?

  • It only happens when I shut down the PC, closing Opera is OK. Like I said, I do have "Close & Clean" which I only set at Cache, but when the PC is closed it goes back to default settings where other items are cleaned.

    I have tried to delete extensions using the "X", but they keep coming back. I have looked at Opera program files but cannot find one that contains extensions. At present "Close & Clean" is disabled but it will come back enabled after the next shutdown. I have never had this happen before on any browser.

  • You can do a little test:

    Rename Opera's profile folder (see the path in menu > about Opera)
    Use Opera for a while, make changes
    Shutdown the computer and check it the changes are kept.

  • End of path is Opera Stable. Is this the file I rename ? If so, what do I call it ?

  • Latest.

    I use Sandboxie to open the browser. I checked the settings and found that Sandboxie by default did not have access to my Opera profile.
    This meant that all changes made during a Sandboxie session were not passed on to my Opera profile. I enabled Sandboxie to access my Opera profile.

    I went through all my lost changes and added them yet again using an unsandboxed browser. Did the same for the extensions I wish to delete.
    I shut down my PC and rebooted. Used Sandboxie in the normal way on opening the browser and ALL the changes made plus the deleted extensions were exactly as I had corrected.

    So, it was Sandboxie that prevented changes being passed on to my profile and fixed. Now Sandboxie can access my profile folder, all is OK.

  • It can be marked SOLVED.

  • End of path is Opera Stable. Is this the file I rename ? If so, what do I call it ?

    You rename the folder name from "opera stable" to, let's say, "opera stable old".

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