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  • One of the best Opera versions was 26.

    Never went past 10 which I'm posting this one.

    Version 10.10

    Build 1893

    Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.10

    Didn't like the full change that came later.

  • Just one word Vivaldi.

  • #StillYourOpera, no its not. if you sell something, its not yours anymore.

    im extremly disappointed and disgusted by this news. there is more to life than just money and if you actually cared about the product and its userbase, you would have never agreed to that deal.

    opera is an european product and its sickening to see another great software go. especially to a chinese company that supports censorship and backdoors.

    i have been using opera since more than 10 years, but when that day comes, im gone.

  • Certainly a lot of silly comments (i.e. would you trust your computing to a Chinese company?). Seriously, much of our hardware is Chinese. Much of our security software is Russian. Romanian, Chinese. If we believe the US or UK governments are not spying on us, we're delusional. As for those still running ancient OS's like XP, you're incredibly foolish. And using an old browser such as Opera 10 is ridiculous. I'd be far more worried about a lack of security with outdated browsers and operating systems than whether the browser is made in China.

  • canadagoose ... People are expressing their opinions as they see fit.

    It's not up to you to determine which comments are "silly" or foolish.

    If someone is using XP and it fulfills their needs, that's their choice, not yours.

    If this deal goes through, I will think long and hard about the principle of supporting a Chinese owned and maintained browser.

    saudiqbal ... As far as Vivaldi is concerned, it is not ready for prime time. I find it much slower and constantly prone to freezing and crashing.

    At this point in time, it is not a viable alternative.

  • There will be a new logo - "O" with the face of Mao in it.;)

    Another possibility could be the "O" with Krystian Kolondra's face, who, to believe in some hermetic currents, would be the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. Check the end of the post

  • Hopefully its more like the Volkswagen-Bugatti buyout than the Daimler Benz-Chrysler acquisition.

  • @canadagoose4ever
    "Much of our security software is Russian, Romanian, Chinese." mine isnt 😃

    "If we believe the US or UK governments are not spying on us, we're delusional." i agree and windows 10 is the best proof, but thats not the issue here.

    the issue is, an american company has to follow american laws. a chinese company has to follow chinese laws and you cant deny the censorship and all the other bullcrap that is going on. you can tell about america whatever you want, but you still got freedom of speech over there and thats something you simply dont have in china. even if opera is a product for international use, it has to be modified to satisfy the chinese government and if some changes are against the laws of the country you live in, well, good luck to see them care. its a chinese product now and china is all that matters. everything else is second-tier.

  • The spying of Microsoft, Google or even the USA government is COMPLETELY different from that of a Chinese company. What Chinese company will do is steal your passwords, bank account information etc(which is unlikely to be done by Google, Facebook or the USA government,they have no interest on that little amount of money in your bank account after all).Also a Chinese company may shut down Opera Inc after they acquired the data compression technology, or they may include some virus or malware in the new version of opera browser.

  • Qihoo 360 has notorious scandals over the years, while people like you in Western world may not know. China is a country ruled by people, not really by law. So will Privacy Statement and Terms of Use be fully abided by, who knows? I'm also done with Opera under marketing people. Take a look at the financial reports of Opera Software and judge by yourself.

    Will delete my opera account after this post. I have been using Vivaldi browser by ex-CEO and co-founder of Opera, and it's good enough for early adopters now. Best wishes for people who choose to stay.

  • I bet on that Chropera will be rebranded to something like ChangChiChong760 spyware browser. I mean another one chromium-based browser for Chinese market.

  • Well, Opera is a chrome based browser. I only use it because I don't want to use big G's Chrome itself and because I'm a former Opera user.
    It's nice, has developed cool, and I like. However it is just a chrome clone.
    Now Vivaldi is yet another chrome clone and developing fast.
    If the Chinese mess things up, and I am sure they will, not because they are Chinese, but because they are biiiiggg, then I'll move on to Vivaldi and see how that goes.
    In the meantime there is an old but solid alternative - FF 😉

  • Yeah, the Furry Vermin Ablaze rules.
    The last hope - till the very moment they go "trans-Uranian" themselves :rip:

  • I had returned since upgrades allowed me to do what I wanted with Opera, making it a viable option. Now with this news I will be deleting Opera once again.

    Yes the world's governments like the US and UK and etc. spy on people, but usually their interests are narrow- they want to gather data about XYZ issue and do a little spying on government or organizations they are paranoid about. Their operations within their country's companies are usually indirect, done in the back room, in the basement, where few can see them, via secret court order.

    China on the other hand is deeply involved in the companies its country hosts, and is openly in the board room. Additionally, it's activities are broad and covers everything from spying on governments, organizations, people, to sabotaging governments and organizations, to theft of financial data both personal and corporate, to censorship and everything in between.

    If the sale goes through they'll have direct access to Opera, and SurfEasy, the VPN network Opera runs.

    I don't trust the world's governments any more than I trust China, but China has proven itself far more enthusiastic when it comes to its surreptitious activities... especially regarding the internet.

  • Blimey, so much paranoia. No deal has been done yet.

  • And now?

  • And now?


  • I've brought to here what you had put there. I intend hear more opinions from more persons.

  • I don't know anything about this company in China. I don't know who to trust. So, if I need to use Opera I won't be syncing any info. As I'm using a Chromebook right now because my main laptop is dead, this doesn't affect me personally. AT least not for a while.

    I will just watch and wait