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  • Sometimes I see with process explorer that Opera runs a --- Ran launcher?
    This will eat your processor for over 50% pushing my Pc into the red area.

    What kind of rubbish is that?
    It also happens that Opera is using over 50 % CPU, while nothing else is running, just viewing this page?

    Why do I find some 20 times Opera.exe in the list of active programs while only one site is being viewed?

    1. Which is your Opera [version]?
    2. Do you have installed & active plugins and/or extensions there? In nuOpera each of them has a process of its own, plus one for each tab, plus one for the browser as a whole (if I get it right).
  • That is not part of Opera and is not made by the Opera Devs or included with Opera when you install it. A quick google says its an MMO game. If you don't use it then uninstall it.

  • Launcher.exe is Opera's executable file. It will launch the corresponding opera.exe in the current version folder.

    It should not bring any issues. If it is happening then it may be a bug.

    Do you use any extensions? If so, could you test with them disabled?

  • I'm using 35.0.2066.37 - Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    In know that launcher starts Opera.
    But Ran-launcher is something different.
    It runs as opera runs.
    I could stop/kill that process with process-explorer and Opera continues as normal dropping the excessive CPU usage.
    So it has nothing to do with ordinary functions.
    I also can't find any register-links until now not even the file?
    But is start sometimes and is Cpu consuming, it may also drop off after a while
    I deleted the Opera crash reporter, because that also claims a lot of CPU time for no reason at all.
    I noticed the problem with playing video's on Youtube, which were staggering, while my CPU should be fast enough to even run in HD.

    I'm using a list of plug-ins yes, but would they appear as Opera related?
    I could stop them, to see if it does something if Ran-launcher runs.
    But why are there so many Opera.exe in the list of system explorer?

    I think it's indeed a bug.

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\35.0.2066.37\opera.exe" --ran-launcher

    I copied this from another site as an example, just to show how it looks like.

  • In know that launcher starts Opera.
    But Ran-launcher is something different

    I see it here to and it causes no issues as i said.

  • According toi Opera's Task Manager, it's suppose to be a tab. I suspect it's the start page.

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\35.0.2066.37\opera.exe" --ran-launcher

    It did it just again. Using over 50% CPU wasted time.
    I cancelled it with Systemexplorer the movie was running as normal.

    There was only one page open on Youtube.
    Normal Cpu usage on a HD video would be about 44%.
    So adding up 50% will drive the CPU to it's limits.