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Changing Opera skin font size

  • I am using Windows 7, 32bit and Opera 34.0, 22" LED monitor set to 1664 x 936 resolution which is a standard 16:9 resolution.

    I need to change the standard skin/theme font size. I don't want a different theme, I don't want to change a webpage, and zoom is not applicable to my problem. I am talking about the font-size which displays my bookmarks on the bar and elsewhere. The Opera fonts are very small, in fact I estimate them to be less than 8 pts.

    I looked in the Settings for Preferences, it doesn't exist. Can someone please help? Thanks.

  • Opera uses the Windows scaling settings for its interface font size.

  • You must be joking. What about all my other applications in which the font size is OK?

  • Furthermore, since I can't edit the above post, Windows does not have a font setting size, only fonts and magnifications. Unless you refer to Internet Explorer? That's a whole different ball game.

  • you can set minimum font size on

    on the bottom

  • You can edit posts within 30 minutes by clicking the gear icon under the profile picture in the post. As for having font problems I have the scaling set for 100% and have a 1920x1080 screen and am having no problems. My monitor is 24 inches though but its close enough that it shouldn't be that big of a difference.

    LED monitor

    Don't believe the marketing, they are not on the market yet at any price you'd want to pay. You have a LCD monitor with an LED backlight instead of a CCFL backlight.

  • vux777, thanks for your guidance, but there is no change. Increased the font size from 8 to 13 pts but that control on the bottom didn't do anything.

    lando242, I am sorry but your reply is non-sequitur. How does your monitor size help my eyesight?

  • I was merely stating that I am not having the issue with overly small text. As the size of the monitor is in direct correlation to the size of the text it displays I figured since my monitor was of a similar size it might help track down the issue. Your resolution seems to be an uncommon size. Maybe dropping it down to 1600 x 900 or 1280 x 720 would help? Those are more common sizes and more suitable for smaller displays.

    I don't remember if Windows 7 had text scaling, as its been several users since I used it on a daily basis, but newer versions of Windows have a scaling feature that intended high resolution displays. You might take the free Windows 10 upgrade and give that a shot.

  • Even XP had text scaling, though it wasn't obvious. In 7, go to Control Panel > Display and depending on resolution you'll have various options for font scaling. On my 1600x900 laptop, the choices are "Small, 100% (default)", "Medium, 125%" and "Large, 150%".

  • sgunhouse, thanks. 125% It did the trick.

    As for Windows 10 upgrade, been there and done that. It's needless to point out that I am back in Windows 7 pro.

  • Missed the 30 minute edit limit. For those who are interested, here is a link to a list of true 16:9 resolutions. and the true resolutions are in green.
    Unfortunately 1600:900 is not a true 16:9 resolution but usable. Only resolutions that can be divided by 8 without modulus are "true".

    Windows 7 also has infinite scaling instead of the preset 125%, 150% ...., so I reduced my resolution to 1536 x 864 and scaled the text to 110%. It is OK.

    Thanks to everyone for all your help and direction.

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