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Is it possible to bookmark search results?

  • Some sites (e.g. mail tracking) only accept POST data. That is, you can not bookmark something like http://packagetrack.zzz?id=XXXNNNN and receive results. However, Opera supports wonderful search engine shortcuts. I can click form and bind entry field to something like "pt XXXNNNN" which will post data and return my tracking info.
    The thing I lack is ability to set bookmark address to something like "pt XXXNNNN", because Opera automatically encodes it as URL "pt%20xxxnnnn" which points nowhere. I have to set address as pt_XXXNNNN and after clicking bookmark, go to address bar and remove underscore symbol by hand. I can live with that but it is far less convenient than if the search shortcuts like "pt XXXNNNN" wouldn't be converted when stored to bookmark address.

  • Why don't just bookmark the results page itself?

  • He really means he wants to create a search engine, I think. Try it - right click in the search field and see if "Create search engine" shows on the menu.

    (If he really wants to "bookmark" it - you can't, it's created on demand and doesn't exist without the actual search. Though you could probably save it as a file.)

  • I can't bookmark search results because it's a result of form submission.

    Here's the actual scenario: I'm waiting a package sent by Royal Mail, tracking number RU098755913GB

    1. Go to
    2. Enter tracking number RU098755913GB
    3. Bookmark search results
    4. Try to restore results by clicking your newly created bookmark - clear form is shown, where I need to enter my tracking number again - no speed gain at all.

    As far as I understand, that's because bookmark saves only page URL which does not contain my tracking number, because number was sent with form POST data

    Here's how I do it:

    1. Right click on tracking number entering field and select "create search engine"
    2. Assign some shortcut for it, let's say "rm"
    3. Create a new bookmark and manually modify it's address to "rm RU098755913GB"

    If clicking the bookmark would work the same way as if I entered "rm RU098755913GB" into Opera url address field, then I would see my search results - exactly the thing I want.

    However bookmark address is formatted as url upon saving and bookmark address becomes rm%20RU098755913GB which is an URL pointing nowhere. I have to manually modify it and replace %20 with a space to get to my results.

    Is there a possiblity to make a bookmark which upon clicking would work the same way as if I typed "rm RU098755913GB" into the Opera address field? Like some kind of typing macros. It would really help me / speed up tracking.