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Constant crashes with Opera 30.0

  • Opera is suddenly having issues on Windows 10 Home for me.
    Happens on both my PCs.

    Browser crashes every now and again.
    Flash/shockwave is crashing often.

    I like Opera but this is really frustrating me.

    Build is 30.0.1835.125.
    Turbo is off.
    Tried without extensions etc. (the only extension I use is adblocker anyway)

    This page ALWAYS crashes for me:

    Anyone else experiencing a similar thing?

  • You are using a build that is 5 versions out of date. Download and install Opera 35.

  • Have been using Opera for years without problems and I am now having frequent page crashes only since updating to 35 (Windows 7). If I have multiple tabs open and try to reopen each tab they have crashed and have to be reloaded, leave the page to go to another tab and when I reopen it the same thing. More than frustrating.

  • Do you have an extensions installed? Does it do this if you only have a private window open? Does your event viewer say anything?

  • I am having a problem opening my mail in Yahoo on Opera, what can I do to be able to read my mail in Yahoo again, Iget a error message that says the mail can not be read, then I tried to download Opera again to see if this is the problem I get a message from my antivirus program saying that this is blocked and could be corrupt, this is very annoying I have tried everything including clearing caches etc. very frustrated please help.

  • Have tried to install the new opera browser and I get a popup from my antivirus software telling me this program is blocked, what can I do to remedy this problem and install the new update

  • I am having a problem opening my mail in Yahoo on Opera, what can I do to be able to read my mail in Yahoo again, Iget a error message that says the mail can not be read

    Unrelated to the subject of this topic. Please read the forum rules and the posting guide before posting and do not hijack topics.

    Instead, open a new one following the posting guide.

  • thanks Lando but I haven't changed anything just OK'ed an update to new version of opera, as done several times before without problems. You will have to forgive my lack of techno savyship but how do I see event viewer and what do you mean by extensions? and no, not using private window.

  • You should go to the Opera website and download the latest version if you aren't already running version 35. Event viewer is a program in Windows. Just type the name in the start menu and it will show up. You can view what extensions you have installed in Opera by hitting Ctrl+Shift+E on your keyboard. If you have any in there try disabling them and see if that helps. You should also test by running Opera in a private window. If the problem goes away when you are only using private windows it might help us track down the problem.

  • Thanks lando - Problem only started after updating to ver 35 xxxxx.50 also with latest 35 xxxx6.37 Will check event viewer and see what happens.

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