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  • i have a problems of opening the unwanted site

  • Do you use an ad-blocker?

  • I think the OP is just spam.
    The link is being flagged by my Internet Security program as a dangerous site.

  • It's spam, that guy (whoever is behind that nick and many others) has been spamming that website for months

  • According to online reports (eg: , etc), WonderlandAds(dot)com is a focal point for malicious browser redirects to ad sites or copy-cat phishing sites. It is typically installed as adware which is part of a bundle when downloading freeware from a distribution site or by other adware programs already infecting a system, and can alter browser homepages, covertly-install toolbars, or install malicious pop-up and redirecting extensions. It's not clear whether the OP is a complaint about the site or a click-invitation for the curious. In any case, wisdom suggests the OP's quoted link ought to be edited to make in unclickable.

  • I realized he was having a redirect problem and was suggesting an ad-blocker might stop it, though the usual anti-malware suggestions would also be in order.

  • Used malwaretips to fix wonderlandads and they failed to help me. What else could I do?

  • Used malwaretips to fix wonderlandads and they failed to help me. What else could I do?

    Assuming that your wording "fix wonderlands" meant removing forced browser redirections to it, what specific removal steps have you taken?

  • Well I installed malwarebytes, updated the software and ran a scan. No wonderlandads detected. However, you are right by saying that the main problem that I have been dealing with is redirects on my browser..

  • Check Opera's extensions to make sure there's nothing there that you didn't seek to install. The adware which redirects to wonderlands often is bundled with a free-ware download and installs itself into a browser as an extension. If there's an extension you didn't intentionally install, remove it and see what happens. The extension name used by this particular adware if installed as an extension will vary, and won't necessarily be called 'wonderlands' - sometimes it will merely be a collection of letters or some generic word. Anti-malware programs often won't examine a browser's extensions since their assumption is that a user installed them intentionally.

  • Thank you for your reply. I think that I have finally managed to delete this nasty adware from my computer. First of all, I followed your recommendations to check my extensions but there was nothing inside. However, I decided to check my Task Manager after reading these instructions as well: I found several entries named as "by provider" or so, so I deleted them and haven't seen wonderlands since then! Am I safe or should I scan my computer after uninstalling the virus via task manager?

  • My one concern about your system is that I believe you only ever deleted running processes in Task Manager, but never actually removed anything else from the file system or browser. A question remains about what set those processes in motion to start with, and where might it be now?

    If it were me, I'd use my AV, Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, and Hitman Pro (all four) to separately scan the system for adware/malware - but I'm on the highly cautious side, especially if my system has been demonstrably invaded somehow. Your alternative might be to just wait and see if it (or something like it) comes back... if not, then you're probably OK.

  • I got wonderland commercial pop-up after clicking an unknown link to install a kind of freeware. The software I installed might change some system files and settings so that it could disable the browser pop-up blocker function. It took me a lot of time to fix the problem and thanks to help of these tips.

  • I know this is an old topic and your problem may have been fixed. I found a solution that may help fix the wonderlandads problem:

    Open Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc).
    Select Task Scheduler Library on the left panel.
    On the upper center panel you will see a list of scheduled tasks.
    On the lower center panel select Actions tab, it will show you which programs are launched by each task.
    Go through the scheduled tasks one by one and find which of them open chrome.exe and load some URL. Delete those tasks.

    The steps above are mentioned in this discussion

    It seems that this method worked. Some also mentioned that wonderlands is associated with, a potentially unwanted program. So check the installed programs list and browser extensions/add-ons. If it is found there, remove it and the browser redirection problem may be solved.

    Hope this helps those who have the same problem.

    Good luck.