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How to enable "touch swipe" to go back/forward pages on Opera?

  • Im probably in the incorrect category here so please bear with me as Im new on here.

    I am using Windows 8.1 on my tablet. I prefer Opera better than chrome except for one thing...

    Is there an add-on/extension to install that will enable me to "swipe" to go back a page? Its standard on Google chrome but not on Opera (or not on my version of Opera).
    This is the only annoying aspect on my tablet. It would be soooo much better if I can just "swipe" left or right to go back or forward instead of using the old-skool left/right arrows in the top left corner.

    Surely there must be an add-on to allow this?

    Or is there a specific version of Opera that already has this feature?

    Advance thanks!

  • Im wondering if I should try to install the Opera Mini for windows phones. Maybe the swipe back is standard there?

  • And that doesnt seem possible as I can easily find an Opera Mini download for Android/GooglePlay but I cant find one for a Windows tablet....

    My hunt continues...

  • Im wondering if I should try to install the Opera Mini for windows phones. Maybe the swipe back is standard there?

    But you are on Windows or on Windows Phone?

    Anyway, i'm not sure if Opera has such gesture.

  • @leocg

    I am on Windows 8.1 via tablet NOT a phone. I just thought that maybe the Windows Phone version of Opera Mini may have the feature Im looking for because Im guessing the phones version would be dedicated to a touch screen orientation more than the desktop version.

    Anyway, I did manage to track down an Opera Mini phones version and installed it. It must have been out for a decade though and nope, scroll left/right was not present.

    I also just tried a beta desktop version and again, not present.

    However I have downloaded a feature that will accept all/most extensions available on google chrome store. This was looking good as google has many extensions dedicated for touchscreen gestures but seeing as the feature that I need is already standard on chromium based browsers, there is no need for these type of extensions. So another failure.

    I guess you are right. I really dont think Opera can support the "scroll/swipe back". Its a real shame for me as I really personally love everything else about Opera but this absent feature is just way too much of a gap for me.

    Looks like I will have to settle on a last resort and put Opera to rest ... but I still have a small ounce of faith that somebody somewhere will read this and reply with good news. I will keep my eyes and ears open.

    (SAD FACE)