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Manual transfer of Opera 12 data between installations

  • Since Opera Link closed, I've been considering ways of synchronising the data between my three installs of Opera 12 on the three operating systems on my machine. Opera Link took care of that automatically of course, but since its demise I've been thinking about doing it locally.
    I have Opera 12.02 on Windows 98SE, Opera 12.17 on Windows XP, and Opera 12.17 x64 on Windows 8.1, all completely separate installations in their own folders on different drives.
    I was thinking of setting up a Windows Task to regularly copy the necessary files from the XP installation (the one I use most and the only one I would make changes to) to the other two to keep things like bookmarks, passwords and history the same on all three. I don't think there are any compatibility issues.
    I am intending to copy these files -


    Any others I've forgotten?
    Thanks, Dave.

  • Maybe typed_history.xml?

    And also global_history.dat?

  • I mean, if you're doing it yourself you could also sync notes and contacts - and even RSS subscriptions. Or even toolbar setups, shortcuts, gestures, etc.

    Note that wand.dat won't transfer unless you have the same certificates - not impossible, but you'd have to have set it up that way to begin with (by originally copying your entire profile from one system to the other, other than operaprefs.ini). So as of right now if you didn't do that then forget wand.dat.

  • Thanks guys, yes I'd forgotten the history files!
    I'm sure I have manually copied wand.dat between the installations before, and it seemed to work OK.
    The profiles in the three installations were originally copies of a single original anyway.
    I'll give copying wand.dat a try anyway as it is.
    I don't use notes or RSS so I won't bother with those files.
    Also I'm not worried about regularly copying things like toolbar and menu setups, as they are only changed extremely rarely.
    It's mainly things like bookmarks and passwords I want to keep in sync.
    Cheers, Dave.