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Opera Mail - messages load very slow

  • I have been using Opera Mail for a couple of months. I have experienced situations where the message will take a very long time to load into the reading pane. When I click on the message the message header information appears in the reading pane almost immediately but the text doesn't. There have been times when this delay has taken minutes. When this is happening I can close and reload the mail program and the text will be there.

    Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestion.

    Take care,

  • Pop or Imap? For imap there is a setting to control if the message body will be downloaded together with the header or only when you view/open the message and also if a local copy will be kept.

    Maybe you need to change that.

  • I have an IMAP account. Could you please direct me to the settings you referenced? I just checked and didn't find them; but I will keep looking.

    Take care,

  • I may have found the settings. Are they the ability to work offline options within the incoming server section? If so, which selection should I make if I would like to have access to the emails yet avoid the extended delay I have been experiencing?

    Take care,

  • Could you please direct me to the settings you referenced?

    In the account properties, go to the incoming tab and you will see the option "availability of messages when offline".

    With the default option, the messages will be fetched only when you open/view them for the first time. If you choose "make all messages available offline" then messages bodies will be downloaded when Opera Mail checks for new messages, together with the headers.

    Also, do you have low bandwidth mode enabled by chance?

    Btw, it also may be related to your connection as in imap you are connected to the server (almost) all the time.

  • I have that option set to 'Make messages available offline when I click them'. I think this options displays the header but doesn't get the body until I click on the header. The delay happens once I click on the header. Should I use another setting?

    I also verified that the low bandwidth option is not enabled; neither is 'Do not fetch message attachment'.

    I don't understand the implications of IMAP but I do know this issue isn't consistent. Also, I have an IOS device and their default mail system doesn't experience the issue. I share this because it leads me to believe the issue isn't with my mail server or host (whichever term may be appropriate); but I could be wrong.

    Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

  • I have that option set to 'Make messages available offline when I click them'. I think this options displays the header but doesn't get the body until I click on the header.

    Yep, the body is downloaded when you click on the message's header.

    The delay happens once I click on the header. Should I use another setting?

    Try the "make all messages available offline". That way the body will be downloaded with the header.

  • I experienced the delay again today; a message body took over three minutes to load. During that time I hit the refresh button a couple of time with no results. While I was waiting I went into my account setup to look at the message option. I have it set to 'Do not make messages available off-line'. I set it to this option the other day thinking it would be quicker.

    While I was looking at my account details I noticed that the close button wasn't working. I needed to click on the 'X' in the upper right hand corner to exit the boxes.

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

  • Do not make messages available off-line

    Causes the message to be redownloaded every time/session.

    You should check it to "make all messages available offline" so all messages are downloaded in full by default. Do not turn on low-bandwidth mode and do not check "do not download attachments".

    Also, make sure you have "check for new messages every..." checked and have it set between 9 and 31 minutes (even if the IMAP server supports IDLE).

    Messages will open instantly then after they come in.

    If you still have problems, you could delete the IMAP account and add it back in. Or, you could close down Opera Mail, rename the "mail" folder, start Opera Mail back up and add all your IMAP accounts back in. Then, set "make all messages available offline" again. That should rule out any problems with Opera Mail at least. Fragmented hard drive or bad hard drive or slow computer might cause a message to take a long time to *display* though. Also note that if the message is an html message that references remote content, that remote content takes a tad to load.

  • Thank you.

    I have the system set to check for messages every 10 minutes and the other options are not selected. I will change the default back to messages available off-line.

    More to the point, I will follow you instructions in the last paragraph. Hopefully this will have a positive impact.

  • I have checked and cleaned up my hard drive, but it wasn't bad.

    I have learned that I can retrieve the delayed messages instantly by simply closing and restarting Opera Mail. Any other suggestions?

  • Goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> export contacts" to export you contacts.

    Goto "Menu -> About Opera Mail" and take note of the "mail" directory location and the "preferences" location.

    Close down Opera and rename that "mail" folder to mail_old for example.

    Rename operaprefs.ini to operaprefs.ini.old.

    Rename wand.dat to wand.dat.old.

    Rename contacts.adr to contacts.adr.old.

    Delete in the "sessions" folder. (Just for good measure)

    Start Opera Mail and add the IMAP account under "Mail and chat accounts -> add" (don't import). You can then set "make all messages available offline" if you want. Or, don't enter your username and password in the new mail account wizard and set "make all messages available offline" after the account is set up. Then, enter your username and password and connect. That way, they messages will be downloaded in full the first time Opera sees them when examining the IMAP folders.

    Then, import your contacts.

    Then, for any global mail preferences (like mail view layout etc.), just readjust them.

    If you do that stuff, it'll rule out problems with the mail folder.

    If you still get issues, I'd look at the log to see if Opera encounters errors when opening messages.

    And, since you changed all the old stuff to old, if you want to go back to your old mail folder etc., just change all those files and folders back.

  • Thank you for your suggestions.

    I did everything you outlined and I am still experiencing the same delay when 'opening' a message. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

    Take care,

  • If I think of anything else, I'll post.