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Opera Mini 14 beta 2 for Android

  • Happy New Year!

    Our first release of this year is a new beta. In this version, we have included “Video boost” in the high data-savings mode. Opera Mini’s servers will compress a requested video whenever it’s possible.

    This is an early experimentation, so your feedback will help us make the feature better.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our beta testing. You can get the Opera Mini for Android beta here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

  • [Mod note: comment removed for breaking the forum rules. Please avoid asking the same thing lots of times.]

  • Few vyoutube video still doesnt work eg. at

  • Can't able to download large file in Extreme mode.

  • Can't able to download large file in Extreme mode.

    You already said that. In fact you post about the same things almost every single day, what is against the forum rules.

    So stop doing it.

  • @bmenghouse, do you get any error message on not working videos?

  • I can not download files smaller than 15 MB . A month that this problem exists . I am in Iran. Example link :

    ScreenShot :

  • any body here?
    Until this problem is no one goes opera mini beta

    Only in Iran , hundreds of thousands of people will lose . This problem is very bad . Please do a quick fix

  • any body here?

    This is (uaers')forum, not a chat. If and when someone has answer, you will see it here.

    Btw, please read the pinned posting guide.

  • File Downloading from mediafire still not fixed yet. Also can't able to bypass (skip ad) from shorten link.

  • whoa, there's clear cache button on front page. I hate reloading pages all over again, but I surely would want to press it. thankfully it isn't permanently there.

    you know what I really--REALLY want most? one hand operation. all controls placed at the bottom. think of tablet view but it goes below not above and unreachable. I hate to stretch my thumb to reach plus/address/reload button.

    and a feature suggestion : customize-capable shortcut menu. take 'download' and put it with 'settings' in a row then we got a row of 4 uninhibited buttons. I'd like to have 'single column view' toggle, 'test connection' and 'night mode' button without have to dive into settings every time.

  • 100% agree with d-wa's suggestions above...improved one hand operation would definitely improve this browser.

  • +1 for the "one hand operation..

  • Still no improvement for file downloading

  • Still no improvement for file downloading

    They know, there's no need to keep saying it.

  • aside from comfortability, stretching thumb while holding phone make our grip unsteady and prone to slip.

    I love opera mini because it is different and innovative, and I think the move to follow other modern browser's interface is a drawback. just because everyone uses the same it doesn't mean that it's what everyone want.

    for opera mini and maybe all other touchscreen smartphone browsers I'd rather have everything at the bottom and always visible.

    and with downloading issues on opera mini, at the time when the latest version is 7 and symbian still thrive, there's a highlighted feature which is 'faster download for small files' and it always-I mean ALWAYS completely finish downloading any file less than 15 MB. and now fast forward to the new UI, the download task either 'waiting for available connection' or fail at 0 kb most of the time. no matter the size of the file.
    What I want to ask is why not just handle downloading like it used to and increase 'small files' to 'medium files' of about 150 MB or more ?

    and by the way in the old days we discover how to resume failed download from opera mini instead of restarting. it's to move the unfinished file to another folder first then restart and pause the download, then move (and overwrite) the unfinished file back to the download folder and resume. the download will pick up the size and resume from where it failed. It supposedly give hint to developer to treat failed download like 'pause' and resume if possible instead of forcibly reload it.

    I hope my two cent make opera mini better.

  • I don't know why opera is nt working in college wifi. .........why why.....and takes to much time to load....A page...

  • [Mod warning: read the posting guide and forum rules and stop posting about the same things every sibgle day.]

  • @gireeshakumarm only opera or all apps? college hotspot may be restricted or have no internet connection at all but their own local site.

    funny how moderator quickly react to 'download still not working' comment but ignore other post which some actually needs to be responded.

  • uc and all apps works but only opera is nt working so I am very sad.....