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Opera and Elementary OS: Freya

  • I am using Opera as my default browser in daily basis but I want to change the.. hmm.. header? The gray thing over the top, above the Opera logo. I want to make it like it's on Ubuntu and Windows. The same problem I have with Linux Mint too, and in the Opera's settings there's no option to change that. Any ideas how to remove the the gray header above the Opera logo?

  • Can you show the gray header, please?

  • He means Opera's title bar - it does have one in Linux.

  • Yup, Chrome/Chromium has a checkbox in the settings interface to "Use system titlebar and borders". Disabling that removes the sytem titlebar which is useless for a browser and thus adds a precious 20 pixels over the entire width of the browser window.
    Opera (still) not featuring this setting in Linux keeps me from switching to Opera from Chromium as default browser. I really love Opera, also on my Android phone, but this is unacceptable to me 🙂
    It shouldn't be that hard to enable this I guess...

  • What desktop? I know KDE has a setting to remove the title bar from any window, but I don't know other desktops that well.

  • Hey guys, it's 2016 and we still have this useless title bar in Elementary OS. I love this browser more than any other, but this thing irritates me! Grrrrrrrr!

    Get rid of the title bar, asap.


  • Any solution to remove that annoying title bar??

  • This is still an issue in the latest Elementary Os 😞

  • On PeppermintOS you just push opera to the top of the screen and it disappears. Wish they didn't even have that thing. It wastes precious space.

  • any patch or option for hide this?

  • In Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon the title bar also doesn't dissapear in maximized state...i miss it so much! ;_;

    In a default Gnome desktop...Opera works like it should, whats the difference in here?

  • I still have the same problem with the latest version of Opera and Elementary OS. Although I can say that Opera looks pretty damn good on Ubuntu 17.10. But if anyone finds a way to disable the title bar please let me know.