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  • It happens to me in a lot of sites, now. Images will simply not load and it'll show the broken pic icon instead of them. Plus, Reddit just doesn't load to me either, quite a lot. Tried the same sites with another browser and didn't have a problem, so, yeah. Any solution? Tried cleaning cache but didn't do much.

  • Do you have Opera Turbo enabled?

  • Just checked and nope, I don't have it activated.

    Want to expand on the symptoms: most of the time, when a site just won't load (happens with reddit and some others, though strangely enough not with facebook or youtube), reloading it a few times, or waiting a few minutes will fix it. Just happened to me when I opened refreshed this very page. First it gave me an error message, then it loaded without any images or formatting, then normally.

  • What's your version of Opera?

    When you right-click on such an image, what do you have?

  • Welp, I couldn't replicate the images error, so I can't really tell you. However, pages continue to load without any format until I refresh, or don't load at all and only do so when I refresh several times (or wait some minutes, sometimes).

    My opera version is 34.0.2036.25

  • Update: Just got it, so I tried and when I right click on such an image nothing special happens. I just get the usual prompts as if I clicked in any other place of the screen.

  • I've had excellent results with the extension called "Images reloader" Download it here:

    Comes in handy as I am on dial up as it will try to reload the failed images without me having to refresh the whole webpage.

  • Thank you for that. It does help, but I still have to reload whenever a site doesn't load at all, or does it without the formatting (white page with every text and image in the left side of the screen).

    But well, I didn't have this problem before, so here's hoping that it'll eventually get fixed in an update. I'm too deep into Opera (extensions, favorites and such) to change my browser, so I won't do it unless I have bigger problems.

  • What are your system specs?
    Type of browser install?
    You said extensions? Did you try with them disabled?

  • Not sure how important they would be, but:

    Windows 10 Home 64 bits

    8,00 GBs of DDR3 RAM

    AMD FX 6350 3.90 GHz

    GTX 950 2GB

    I'm not sure what you mean by browser install?

    And I have quite a few, yes. uBlock, TwitchNow, Stylish, Translator, Akari Url Shortener, Scroller, Turn Off The Lights, etc. I've never had a problem with any of them so I didn't think about it, but I'll try disabling a few.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Not sure how important they would be...

    If it's a bug related to the browser but surfacing only in a certain configuration. Like that.
    So that other people might check it out and developers could test it.

    I'm not sure what you mean by browser install?

    For all users or somehow else, regular or standalone. When installing, did you use some advanced/custom configuration settings?
    In case it matters.

  • For all users, and it was the regular install. Pretty sure everything was left as default as it gets.

  • Up until yesterday this forum would do that to me on my opera install and now for some unknown reason it works perfectly fine for me in the same 34.0.2036.25 version of Opera

    AMD FX 8320 3.5GHz
    8 GB DDR3-2400MHz
    Asus Strix R9-285 2GB OC
    Windows 10 Pro x64 (build 10586.29 V1511)

    and Extensions

    user agent switcher
    youtube downloader
    download Chrome Extension

    and even with or without them I was getting the same thing no formatting and everything left justified, But now it seems to have come right on it's own

  • That's... weird. Wanted to see if mine got fixed and tried with Reddit, which had this error constantly. And it seems... gone, now. I opened a few pages with no problems whatsoever. That's really, really, weird. But whatever the problem was, I'm guessing we had the same, and I'm guessing it wasn't in our end. Anyway. Will comment if it comes back (or never left).

  • Browser update? System update?
    Just check the logs in case you're interested.

  • Do you have any extensions installed? Did you try with them disabled?

    If you try to open the image directly, does it work?

  • Well, Opera didn't update. I have exactly the same version.

    I have quite a few, that I listed earlier. And no, it didn't work when I tried to open the image directly.

    However, and unexpectedly enough, I can confirm this seems fixed. Yesterday, a good 80% of times I clicked in any Reddit's linked it didn't want to open, yet using another browser it worked perfectly. Today I can use it without problems. I did have some broken images in other sites, but even then it's a lot less than before. So, yay, I guess?

  • I have quite a few, that I listed earlier

    And have you checked with them disabled?

    And no, it didn't work when I tried to open the image directly.

    What happens? There is any error message? Could you provide a couple of links to those images?

  • You got me there. No, didn't disable them yet. Will do right now.

    If I have the link to the image I can open it. But if I enter to some site full of broken images, there's nothing I can do. Right clicking on the images acts like if there was no image at all there, with the regular, normal options. I wouldn't think the problem lies in the images per se, but during the load of the website.

  • Well, Opera didn't update. I have exactly the same version.

    System updates?
    Did you have your extensions on autoupdating?

    One more thing - proxies and connection parameters. I don't know if there are extensions meddling with that as well...