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Java not working after update to 34

  • I've never heard of a bank website needing Java. Its generally video game stuff that needs it. Either way, Java is being ditched by Chrome and Firefox also. In fact, Firefox has committed to dropping all plugin support by the end of 2016. So these webpages you like to use better get their buts in gear or the only thing that will run them is Internet Explorer.

  • Curious as to how we negotiate web sites we depend on that DO use Java, Silverlight, and others being discontinued in Opera??

    Well, the end of support for npapi plugins in Chromium based browsers has been announced for more than a year, so those sites had enough time to change and also there was enough time to change the plugins architecture to ppapi.

    Don't some bank sites we need use them?

    Yep, they will have to change.

  • Yes, Java is used with some companies websites, matter of fact the company I'm under contract with for my work and assignments for my livelyhood, requires the browser to have java working in order for me to login to the assignment board. I removed Opera 34,installed earlier version to have my Java available, put a windows system command not to update Opera that worked for the day, next morning, this morning Opera was back to 34, no Java working for my job. Had to us IE, 😞
    I would like to see Opera have the option to dirctly turn the Java on when you need it,turn if off when not. If security is the issue. As well Opera should allow us to control when We want to Update, not forced by default with no option to control.
    Thanks Opera, love the browser, been using it for past several years. It keeps getting better, however the Java is a thorn in my saddle.

  • You may be able to run java if you use an extension to change the user agent to show an old version of Chrome.

  • Same response. I found all of a sudden java is no longer loading -- no warning.
    Do not believe security is the issue for dropping the support. It is a tech war.
    Security issue is always present whether it is java, npapi or ppapi or any software that traverse the internet.
    Those of us who use Java for a living will suffer.
    Once again this is an example of hurting people who cannot defend themselves.
    I believe there is a case of support for Java, as suggested by Ric. Install a toggle switch for those who use Java applets in the setting specifically for Java only.
    I have only started to use Opera for a week or so, exploring alternative to Chrome and a backup to IE and Firefox.
    I would encourage any group or groups of like minded people to build a lean Browser for providing Java support. I am hoping Oracle would develop a rival browser to support both npapi and ppapi so that we may still use Java applets for our remaining working and living days.
    I am most disappointed with Opera, which describes itself glowingly in its front pages.

  • Once again this is an example of hurting people who cannot defend themselves.

    Really? I wasn't aware you were being forced to use Opera and had no way of selecting another browser.

    Oracle would develop a rival browser

    If its anything like their 'rival' operating system and 'rival' programming language it will be slow, full of security holes, not standards compliant and poorly supported. If you wanted that just download an old copy of Internet Explorer thats no longer supported.

  • Well you could install a Chrome Extension that allows operating IE within chrome base browsers. The extension is called "IE Tab" You can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

    If you don't have the "Download Chrome Extension" that has to be installed first for opera before you can download extensions from the chrome web store:

    IE Tab Documentation:

    The IE Tab Extension will allow the use of java and even activex content within chrome base browsers.

  • I have Opera 34. I briefly got the browser to say that Java was installed, using the verify Java address, though now it doesn't work. The plugins are there though in Settings, and they're enabled.

  • I am sorry JAVA is dropped and most russian banks use JAVA as login so it affects the largest land in the world heavily , maybe this is part of sanctions ?))))))

  • I am sorry JAVA is dropped and most russian banks use JAVA as login so it affects the largest land in the world heavily , maybe this is part of sanctions ?))))))

    In the case of an export-blocked Java download or update, a pop-up message should appear as follows: "The Java(TM) cannot be downloaded to your machine. You are located in an embargoed country." Regardless, I don't believe software like Java is currently embargoed to Russia by the US and EU - their limited sanctions apply only to other kinds of things such as credit/financing available to specific individuals, certain defense companies, and several large banks, as well as prohibiting exportation of oil-drilling/exploration equipment and technology.