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Anyone experienced problems with saving cookies on USB Install of Opera

  • I just switched browsers to Opera 33 recently and I have it as a USB Installation. I normally set remember login on all sites I visit but for some reason everytime I restart the PC all those get reset and I have to re-login again. Is this a typical behavior of Opera on USB Installation or is this a bug? Appreciate any feedback on this.

  • Opera on an actual USB, or just a standalone install on your regular hard drive?

  • Opera on an actual USB external harddisk. I like to be on the move so I usually use my USB portable applications at different net cafe's when I leave my laptop when I travel.

  • Interesting...

    If such things can have their profile and temps folder(s) on the same drive, and store all the normal stuff there as well - like cookies...
    It'll be kinda slow then anyway - you'd need a special renderer to transload certain things hither-thither and clean up after shutdown...

  • There were USB versions of Presto available. USB or other removable devices can have problems with the assigned drive letter changing though, and I know passwords (in Blink-based Opera) shouldn't work on a different computer. Cookies may be similar, but if he is using it on the same computer they might work.

    Passwords specifically are encrypted to the user account (not the username as such), so a different user on the same computer can't read them ... but neither can the same user on a different computer. A standalone install might do some trick to avoid the drive letter (as USB versions of Presto did), but the encryption issue is different entirely.

  • I see, I was trying to avoid typing in my username and password constantly on net cafe's so I always use remember login whenever I login to any site, so that when I visit it again it would still remember my credentials.

    The weird thing is I did a test and tried to just closed opera and ejected my USB drive and put it back and launched Opera again. If I do this my remembered logins remain like normal, BUT if I restart the PC and then run opera from my USB again after it boots into windows all my remembered logins vanish and I have to retype it again.

    Guess I will just have to find an alternative way or remembering my credentials. Btw the Net cafe's I normally use are all diskless setup or have deepfreeze which resets all data on their drives upon restart.

    Well thanks for the quick replies.

  • See if there is an Opera or Chrome extension that may help?

    Newer versions of Opera can sync passwords, so in effect you only need to remember your sync password ... but that's not yet in "Opera Stable".

  • Tried to use some extensions and none of them helped. There is another reason why I need cookies normally tracking the sections I have already visited. Normally some sites I visit have settings like view only selected items and such if I have cookies enabled. But whenever I visit such sites I have to reconfigure my settings again. Before when I was using Maxthon another portable browser it allowed such settings to be saved and the browser records the cookies properly.

    Take for example the site on the right side of the site there is a setting for "Currently displaying: Show All" Normally I set it to "Currently displaying: English" and my old browser Maxthon properly saves this setting in its cookies even if I restart the PC or move to another Net Cafe. But with Opera installation on USB it does'nt seem to work.

    I do hope you guys will look into this matter. Really need to get the cookies working on USB install of Opera. Thanks.