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Why do I should restart download instead renew

  • I sometimes download big files enough and due to bad internet connection it frequently is broken but I renew download by renew function and it continues download from this point. But in another case when renewing connection I cannot continue download and need to restart download anew. Why it happens? Does it depends on time from download started and then broken, or numbers of brooken connection on this download? How to make able to continue download not restart it anew on Opera?

  • Some servers do not support resuming of downloads. Its hard to say without an example.

  • It doesnt depend on server. I can resume download if is not far from the start of download. Indeed if there is several hours after the start of download, i cannot resume just restart, as usual. Despite the url is constant. Maybe there is download options that allow to extend the time of resuming the download? The option in Opera browser.

  • t doesnt depend on server

    Yes, it does. If the server does not allow resuming you will not be able to resume downloads.

  • I mean is there some time constrains for resuming download from the side of Opera browser client or from web server (the web-page, that is different in every case). I see in download settings of Opera the constrainsts for extensions, no more. As well I read that to override such restart by resume - we need to change the name of resumed file, then to start new download of the same file. Then stop new one, change its name, and change to original name the first file and resume from the stopped point in this way, the first broken download. But why in such way? What is the reason of such manipulation?

  • I mean is there some time constrains for resuming download from the side of Opera browser client


    or from web server

    Again, without an example we can't tell you. Its possible to do, yes, and I have seen servers do it but it depends. Most of the time its a feature to prevent hotlinking. Access to the download is temporary, generated at the time you click the link and expires after awhile. Each time someone clicks the link they get a 'new' download location. If the download is in progress its no problem but if you have to restart it the original download location is gone so it cant resume.

    Either way, this is not something Opera is doing.

  • It has even more case. When the connection was broken, i choose resume and the progress bar flash(jump) from 10% current percent to some 60% (unavailable just then), and return to some kb, about zero so all previous download goes in vain. Why this happens?

  • it happens in about half or second.

  • I tried the with changing the name and returning the name after the start of new download. But old intermitten download is grey so right click have no resume option so this trick is not active?

  • No it works if to do it correctly. But why it happens when after download is broken due probably to broken internet connection I click resume. And it make such zigzags, the zero them even more them was downloaded -that all in a second and them the new download began. Is there any temporal folder where this part is saved anyway? Except the folder when the downloads of Opera saved by default.

  • In Opera Presto it's like "C:\Documents and Settings\*your*username*\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\temporary_downloads". It's hidden in the system by default.

  • What you're looking for is called a download manager. Some servers just don't support resuming downloads if I remember correctly; however, some of the newer download managers may have found a way around this by now.

  • THIS IS QUITE CLEARLY A BUG. If it says 250MB, it should NOT gleefully say 'done' when the connection drops momentarily at 200MB. If I can pause/resume the download for a few seconds, then it is NOT the server. But opera hides the resume button!