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opera mail only shows inbox and sent folder?

  • i am using the latest setup of opera. i am really really trying to like this but opera really seems to keep telling me to go away and continue using thunderbird.

    i have set up pop mail. the imap mail i set up is no problem

    when i have set up the pop mail, it creates INBOX and SENT. here is the kicker. when i send an email, the sent email shows up in my INBOX, not SENT folder. also when I delete an email, it shows up delete in my INBOX unless I permanently delete it. what a pain in the ass this email program is.

    can anyone please help why this is happening

  • oh boy i still can't figure this out.

  • Please do not post in a topic, specially your owns, in less that 24 hours from your last post just to "bump" it. Post in less than 24 hours only if you are replying to someone or if you are adding information.

  • when i send an email, the sent email shows up in my INBOX, not SENT folder.

    Select Inbox, click on the wrench icon (with some lines in the left) on the top right of mail list and then in "show". See if the correct/desired options are enabled.

  • I have. Also when I delete an email, delete to trash can, it stays in the inbox folder with a trash can. shouldn't it create a trash can folder? the only way to delete an email is to permanently delete instead of delete to trash can.

  • shouldn't it create a trash can folder?

    Nope. Your delete emails will be shown in the main trash folder. For pop accounts only inbox and sent views are created.

    he only way to delete an email is to permanently delete instead of delete to trash can.

    Yep, delete messages go to the trash can, you need to empty it from time to time.

  • I understand that. What i am saying is THERE IS NO TRASH CAN FOLDER. When I delete an email you have two options. delete to trash can, or permanently delete. if i delete to trashcan, it stays in the inbox but a trash can icon is to the left of the email. the email should be moved to a trash folder. there is none.


    Not even in the main view (the one with ubread, received, sent, etc)?

    If so, have you tried to reset the panel?

  • I tried to reset the panel just now. Nothing.

  • To recap:

    For POP accounts, under each access point in the mail panel, you should just have an "Inbox" view and a "Sent" view. There shouldn't be a "Trash" view.

    The "Sent" view for each POP account access in the mail panel will show sent messages for its account. But, you need to make sure "Show sent" is set for each sent view.

    There's also an "All Messages/Sent" view which shows sent messages from all accounts. But, "Show sent" has to be set for it too to see sent messages in it.

    *If* you're not seeing a sent message in a sent view, try turning off threading for that view to see if it shows up. There's a known UI glitch with sent messages that don't have any replies being hidden in threaded mode.

    Now, when you del a message, it'll be marked as deleted. Deleted messages for all accounts are shown in "All Messages/Trash". But, you have to have "Show Trash" set for "All Messages/Trash". Also, for all other views like "Inbox" and "All Messages/Received" etc., if you don't want to see deleted messages in them, make sure "Show Trash" is unchecked for those views.

    The show settings for each view are found by clicking on the "Settings for this view" icon on the message list toolbar for the list in question.

    So, it sounds like you have "Show Trash" checked for "Inbox" for one. That's probably why you're seeing deleted messages in "Inbox".

    Now, assuming things are set up right, you reset the mail panel (by clicking the wrench icon on the mail panel toolbar and choosing "reset mail panel to defaults"), and you still don't see "All Messages/Trash", maybe the "Trash" folder itself is hidden. For this, right-click on the "All Messages" access point header, customize and make sure "Trash" is checked. Then, make sure "Show Trash" is set for it.

    If you still don't see the "All Messages/Trash" view, there's probably a problem with index.ini in the mail folder. You can close down Opera and edit it.

    Make sure you see something like the following:

    [Index 6]
    Parent Id=1600000000 (Points to category with that id)
    Mirror Id=0
    Special Use Type=7
    Account Id=0
    Model Type=0
    Model Age=5
    Model Flags=511
    Sort Type=7
    Model Group Type=2
    Selected Message=0
    Update Frequency=10800
    Last Update Time=0
    Skin Image=Mail Trash
    Search Text=
    Search Field=0
    Search Current Message=0
    Search Start Date=0
    Search End Date=0
    Search is Regexp=0
    [Category 0] (The "All Messages" access point)

    If that doesn't help, there's probably something messed up with the indexer files in the "indexer" folder or the omailbase.dat. The database gives an id for each message and the indexer files tell Opera what messages (by id) should show in each view. If things are messed up here, you have a corrupted mail folder.

    You can try to fix simple database errors. It *might* help.