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Opera crashes after new Windows 10 update (Threshold 2)

  • Hello,

    I'm having a lot of problems in the last few days and they started popping out when new Windows 10 Threshold_2 update came out.

    Just browsing standard pages, such as YouTube, Reddit and so on, Opera freezes and there is no other option than to close it and run again. After that I can't restore pages I was on.

    Is anyone else experiencing this same bug as me? I need to note, that everything worked till this TH_2 update. I'm using Opera for last 4-5 years and never got this big problem such as this. Really getting frustrated.

  • Is anyone else experiencing this same bug as me?

    Nope, Opera seems to be running fine here on Windows 10.

    Any more details on how to reproduce the issue? Does it crash by just opening the pages or you have to do something?

  • I had the same problem after intalling latest update from Windows 10, build 10586.

    Then I updated my graphic card driver (a new driver was just released), and this looked to have solved my problem.

    I don't know if this is of any help in your case. It could be many things that causes the freeze or crash problem after latest Windows 10 OS update.

  • If (please note the 'if') you had to reverse Win10's auto-update setting for drivers when you first installed/upgraded to the OS because of issues on your particular system that forced you to roll back a driver version to recover stable operation, note that the TH2 upgrade reverts the driver-update settings (among other privacy settings) to default and again auto-updates drivers for users. Some users, particularly those with NVidia graphics, ran into apps freezes and other problems on the initial Win10 installs with the MS-forced drivers, and had to roll them back to recover stability. These users have again had to re-rollback the drivers and de-select the driver auto-update setting after the TH2 install which sets many of the Win10 user/privacy settings back to default.

  • @leocg @jarmush @blackbird71

    It happens most of the time when I open some things like clips or YouTube..

    so it could maybe be related to graphics driver, but the thing is that I don't have normal GPU. I run PC on integrated graphics from skylake. Hmmm... maybe there is conflict with new Intel drivers and TH2?

    I'm going to get new GPU in a few days (waiting for it a month or more) and I will report back if errors/crash stops. Maybe someone else will have it too and can find solution here then. 🙂

    thanks for input guys.

  • so it could maybe be related to graphics driver, but the thing is that I don't have normal GPU. I run PC on integrated graphics from skylake.

    Are the drivers for it up-to-date? I remember have had some issues after the install of one of the latests Windows 10 builds and updating the graphic card - Intel HD Graphics 4600 - helped solving most of the issues.

  • Yeah, they are!

    My PC is always updated with latest stuff. Let me get a new GPU then I will report back if crashes happen often. 🙂

  • I had the same problem

  • I was going to open a new discussion then saw your title.

    Opera crashes when;

    • I switch back to opera from another app that is used for 2-3 minutes.
    • Waking up windows from sleep mode while opera is already opened.
    • I am using a popup window like online banking, internet radio etc.

    Occurred after installing the last update of windows; i dont know whether it's related to.

    Opera 33.0.1990.115
    Microsoft Windows 10 Education
    Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586

  • @handful1907 What error message is displayed in the event viewer when this happens?

  • @lando242 here is a screenshot

  • So today I got my new GP... installed all the latest drivers, it was all fine. Then I was reading reddit and again it happened.

    Here is screenshot of crash:

    (don't bother with my bookmarks and other things) xDD

  • Damn, now my computer is back with the problem causing Opera v.33 to freeze or hang on Windows 10, build 10586. It is exactly the same problem I had with Opera 11 or 12.

    I don't know if the problem is Opera or Windows 10 related. I did not have this problem on Opera v.32 on Windows 10, build 10240.

    Is it possible to download Opera v.32 without Opera forcing me to download v.33 automaticly?

    And where can I find v.32 of Opera browser?

  • I think it is Windows 10 related. They even pulled November update, because there are lot of bugs. Saw it somewhere in news few hours ago.

    Everything worked fine till that TH2 update.

    Here you go for 32version and for forced update there should be some tweak to stop.

  • I too am experiencing lots of crashes since latest Windows 10 "big" update. It'w quite annoying and it happens with both beta and stable version, it too happens with that 32 version from above... i've tried disabling hardware acceleration and it doesn't crash, but pages "freeze" and you can't enter any link nor click anywhere.

    I would say this happens in pages with animated gifs.

  • I am having the same issue as well, it would show not responding especially when more than one page is ruining some media on flash player. My graphics driver and flash player are up-to date, the frequent crash started just after the windows 10 update version 1511. I did a clean installation with the latest drivers but the problem still persists.

  • Windows 10, build 10586 was updated yesterday on my computer, and since then I haven't had any crash or problems with Opera 33 freezing every now and then.

    Anyone else who have updated Windows 10, latest build, that have experienced the same thing?

  • Yeah, it seems that latest cumulative update solved the problem. Finally. 😃

  • The problem happens with 10586, read all the thread please.

  • The same problem here. After installation of w10 threshold 2 opera crashes. Disabling hardware acceleration helps. Opera is the only program that have problems on my system. Other applications or games are working ok.