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  • The first Opera Dev 35.0.2052.0 - for the first time together with 🐧 RPM packages 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    Mute me baby

    That’s right. No more surprises when you open a background tab and, out of a sudden, you hear something you didn’t expect. Now, it is possible to mute either the selected tab or the whole browser:

    Warning on active downloads when closing

    Also, no more accidental download interruptions. When the user has unfinished downloads – active or paused – and attempts to close Opera, a warning will appear:

    Sync and bookmarks duplication

    Duplicates issue has been a problem we track for quite some time now. It was especially problematic in case your Internet connection was interrupted often. With O35 cycle we intend to fix this issue for you. Have you been hit by this issue, please check how this is working for you now. The fix is delivered on desktop browser for now, if proved to be working well, will be ported to all browsers (Mini, Opera for Androids, etc).

    Opera menu

    For more intuitive access to the menu options, we’ve also changed our main menu name:

    Bookmarks bar – Yes! we do have it

    It turns out many of our users didn’t know how to turn on bookmarks bar, so we made it is easier to enable or disable it, either while adding a bookmark or in the bookmarks manager general view:

    Simple settings

    To access most popular settings in single place, and make quick start easier for new users, we have introduced the “simple settings” page, where you can find all the most sought-for configuration options. This feature is currently hidden behind the #simple-settings-page flag. There are more changes incoming. Please go explore – how do you like it?

    Linux RPM

    Today’s Linux packages, in addition to the usual .deb files, are being delivered also in the RPM format. This should be good news for all RPM-based Linux distribution users, including Fedora, Mandriva and SUSE.

    Known issues

    We are aware of Mac crashes on popup windows (internally logged as DNA-45915) and are working on it.

    The Chromium version has been updated to 48.0.2547.0.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New build - Opera developer 35.0.2060.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉


    Search hint

    For new users, or users that have not used the address bar searches in a while, there will be a hint that they can search using the address bar. This should be a friendly, easily dismissable reminder. Please share your opinions about this improvement.

    “Mute me baby” improvements

    We are aware that muting tabs was a long-awaited and warmly received feature. However, we also reviewed your critical opinions about the “mute all tabs” button and decided to turn it off for now. Instead, we offer additional context menu options which allow you to mute this tab or mute other tabs. What do you think about this solution?

    Simple settings

    This feature, hidden behind the flag in the previous developer release, is now available publicly with a few minor changes inspired by your feedback.

    Search box

    Guess what? For those who actually liked the old-style separate search box, we have added this option in the Windows builds. It can be enabled in the Browser advanced settings, please take a look at the “user interface” section.

    Frame color awareness

    The flag #frame-color-awareness allows to change the colour of the window titlebar on Windows 10 Threshold 2. The colour of Tab Bar buttons – New Tab and Tab Menu is changed to white as Windows does to its native buttons.

    Crash fixes - with today’s build, we have fixed the following crashes:

    DNA-46078 – crash when displaying HTML5 notification,

    DNA-46253 – similar, but yet different: Windows 10 specific crash, also on notifications,

    DNA-45915 – Mac crash on unblocked pop-up windows.

    Chromium has been updated to 48.0.2560.0.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • and yet still totally disregards any channel mapping my sound card has set when playing audio or video online

  • and yet still totally disregards any channel mapping my sound card has set when playing audio or video online

    Maybe the flasg Opera://flags/#try-supported-channel-layouts may be interesting for this issue?

  • New build - Opera developer 35.0.2064.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    Highlights: this release is more an improvement one. So, along with a few usability and stability fixes, it delivers:

    Mute tab improvements

    Added “Mute other tabs” and fixed the lack of context menu on pinned tab with media (thanks xirit64!).

    Simple settings improvements

    As per users’ amassed negative feedback, we have removed the ad-blocking section from the “Basic” settings.

    Windows 10 improvements - this is another iteration of the frame color awareness feature on Windows 10:

    – the window frame got improved contrast,

    – control menu items look better on active and hover,

    – you can control the window frame look via the Personalization system controls,

    – the changes are visible on all Windows 10 versions, not only Threshold 2.

    Known issues: we have encountered a sudden regression in Linux builds – renderer crashes when trying to play H264 video. We are working to fix it as soon as possible.

    In this release, Chromium has been updated to 48.0.2564.10.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers: