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Opera Mini 8 for Java and BlackBerry

    1. I can't seem to access my corporate intranet w/ this browser vs. the default BB browser - do I need to set up some permissions or trusted access?

    Hi, you can't because Opera Mini loads pages via a server that compresses them, and that server can't transcode pages located at your local network. Opera Mobile can access any pages since it's a full browser but it's not available for BB.

    1. how do I set Opera to be my default browser so that when I click a link it launches Opera?

    I don't know if that's possible, sorry.

  • i u want to ask @mgmgdgtd

  • when next update

  • @vishal7g
    If that's related with your previous question then you should know that on your device RAM memory (or java heap) run out in no time and 'touch interface' is not an option.

  • plz give an update on Opera mini 7 i mean replace to 8 like face book app

  • ^ What do you mean by that?

  • i mean replace opera mini 7 with opera mini 8

  • I have an android phone but its a LOW end android, I cant download Opera Mini 8, I mean I can get Opera Mini 7.5.3 from the play store but I cant get 8. My gf has a shitty phone & SHE was able to get it on hers - hers isnt an android, I liked the interface of OM8 so I would like to get it on MY phone. Like I said: Im a low end android so I cant use the new Opera Browser on my phone, I can Use Mobile Classic but thats not FANCY enough for me 😞

  • @lovelyrajesh posted:

    "what about next version 8.1 i hope gif animation support like UC browser Thanks opera team"

    Mini is a light-weight proxy browser which means animated GIF support is not possible. When you use Mini to access a webpage, Mini sends a request to the Mini servers which fetch the page you wanted and compress it in the OBML format, breaking any and all media (including animated GIFs, Flash, etc.), and sends the compressed page back to your Mini for it to display.

    There is no way to turn off these compression servers because then you wouldn't have Opera Mini anymore. 😉

  • thanks opera team. The long wait is finally over.

  • I love the new UI. The black was too dull, whereas white can't be compared with the older red or black. And please give updates regularly from now on. Don't make us wait for almost a year to experience something new from you guys. Our patience has definately been rewarded. On the next update please continue this white UI.

  • Hopefully opera wont take another 2 years to update the java version. I like opera mini 8's new UI but i still think it would be better if you never dropped the option to download and install custom themes, i know 4.5 can do that but there are only 2 themes available and one of them is pink which only leaves me with one option so please add lots of themes and also it would be nice if you included the option for the browser to fetch pc or mobile sites. Some sites are hard to divert to the full pc site right now.

  • How to add themes in operamini-8?

  • Hi opera mini team,this is such an awesome updat,luv private view and hw it changes into a black theme,also am very happy with night feature,workin amazin on my samsung star,keep up the grt work:)

  • @cruise11
    I'm glad that you noticed but it's more like a wolf skin. 😉

  • @navendukumar
    I think that you can use private browsing feature as workaround for Opera Link failure. I don't know if private mode was mean to work in this way but it may have a double edge with that.

  • I did not understood u mean we should try to use opera sycronisation in private browsing mode?????

  • yep, start a new session, enable private mode, login on opera link - in this order.

  • When Opera Mini 8 for Symbian S60V2 launching?

  • opera full touch screen for java 240*320

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