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where did my old bookmarks go? in 20?

  • before i updated it to 20.0, i had the bookmarks.

    but now they are gone. or are they hidden on my computer?

    how can i get the bookmarks back?

  • Updated from?

  • what do you mean?

    i updated to the newest version the old bookmark just disappeared.

    i don't know what my old version is, i thought that this thing update automatically.

  • what do you mean?

    I mean updated from which version of Opera?

    i don't know what my old version is, i thought that this thing update automatically.

    Do you use more than one stream (Stable, Next, Developer)?

  • i don't know which version i had. i just downloaded it, installed it.

    i don't think that it ever updated itself automatically.

    i am using the basic windows 8.0 version.

  • About nine months ago, Opera released a completely redesigned browser family (Opera 15 and above). All of the Opera versions in existence prior to that (Opera 12.16 and below) worked differently. The old version family's bookmarks were stored in different places using different file formats from the new version family's locations and formats.

    To add to the potential confusion, Opera versions 15-and-above are made available using a cycle... first as a Developer product (experimental), then as a Next product (feature-frozen, but may contain bugs), and finally as a Stable product. In all cases, the main version number (eg: Opera 20) remains the same throughout, but variations are "tracked" by extensions to the number (eg: Opera 20.0.1387.77). At any given time, there will likely be three Opera versions available simultaneously: the Stable (eg: Opera 19), the Next (eg: Opera 20), and the Developer (eg: Opera 21). What is normally available at Opera's computer site (http://www.opera.com/computer) is the latest Stable version, which is the current Opera "final, released" version that most users typically seek. The Next and Developer versions are for the more daring users, willing to risk instability or bugs in search of more cutting edge features, etc.

    Automatic updates to Opera versions occur only within the same product category. For example, Next versions only auto-update to Next versions. Version increments within one category have no effect on the auto-updating of a different family until that version number is promoted into that other family. Opera installs different versions into different-named folders to keep everything properly aligned.

    So, when you have a problem after "updating" one Opera version to another (whether manually downloading or auto-updating), resolving the problem is affected greatly by the from-where and the 'how' that update occurred, as well as "from" what prior version "to" what new version number. Data that doesn't get transferred in an update process is probably still on the computer in its original folder, but where that is depends on what the prior version was. Whether and how it can be imported/moved to the right place depends on what both the old and new versions were in terms of location and possible incompatibilities.

  • does that mean, most opera users lost their bookmarks forever if they don't do a manual search?

    and they are used to be uploaded online, i suppose that that is gone as well.

    i used to trust opera, and bookmark is one thing that i thought that i will have as long as keep using it.

  • does that mean, most opera users lost their bookmarks forever if they don't do a manual search?

    Nope, because the bookmarks are still stored locally on the user's HDD, i presume. And they (Opera Presto's Bookmarks) can be imported.

  • does that mean, most opera users lost their bookmarks forever if they don't do a manual search? ...

    Again, a lot depends on the old version that stored the user's original bookmarks and where it stored them. New Opera versions can import bookmarks from old versions, but the new versions currently look for the bookmarks file in a certain named place on the computer's hard drive. If the bookmarks file is stored in a different-named location, the New Opera won't "see" it, so it won't import it. In that case, the user would have to manually track down the old bookmark file location on their drive and copy/move the file to the location that New Opera needs it to be in, before it will import it.

    I'm not an Opera Link user, so I can't address whether or how Old Opera bookmarks can be directly linked into New Opera versions using Opera Link's services.

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