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Opera Mini 12 for Android

  • Today I suggest one of my friend to use Opera Mini who didn't use Opera Mini before. But it seems that he got disappointed after using Opera Mini. He said that "Opera Mini's UI & the data compression level is too much good but the browsing & downloading speed isn't that good. He mentioned that "Opera Mini should bring browsing speed as like "Puffin Browser Plus" & Downloading speed should like "ADM Pro" on android". And I found it as a suggestion to Opera Mini developers. So, I write down it. Hope that Opera Mini team will bring those features. Thanks

  • Where the ability to share bookmarks? Share, not sync?

  • @kiriak93s, unfortunately we discontinued with the bookmarks share feature. This is also the same in other Opera browser products.

  • why opera mini is still not capable of exporting its bookmark to a normal html file?

  • why opera mini is still not capable of exporting its bookmark to a normal html file?

    Because no Opera is capable of it.

  • Hi, there is a problem that, Can't able to download anything from a online storage website ( in Extreme saving mode. Always I goto a link opera mini can't show the download button but it's full ok in High saving mode. Would you take a view of this? And fix it.

  • @rhmini can you provide a link that doesn't work for you? I tried and I get a download button, and when I press it the file gets downloaded just fine in extreme savings mode.

  • @barsk I think you tried it without "Single Column View" in Extreme saving mode. If I browse with single column view then the download button disappear. But it works after uncheck 'Single Column View'. Fix this please.

  • @rhmini When using single column view I can see this problem as well. We're looking into the issue.

  • Hi, I have suggestions

    1. Night Mode is too dark. Even on max settings.(Xperia E C1505).
      1. Search engine is allways Google.
      1. Blue color. Option for set color will be nice.
  • I have a problem, I can't download anything from mediafire in Extreme mode. High mode also. Though a user "rhmini" posted here for only high mode problem but now this problem Extreme mode also.

  • You provided a new update for standard Opera Mini but you didn't remove the old previous version. So i can't have two same apps ,,Opera Mini " on my phone because i can't uninstall old version to install new Opera Mini 12 so please remove one of them or make a NEW UPDATE TO BYPASS OLD VERSION.

  • Still Opera Mini needs to improve the downloading system.

  • Hi,
    Have a problem: since the last update, opera mini often crashes when I open webpages. ;_;
    Simply the app closes. Even opening this forum.
    I have sony Xperia T with Android 4.3.
    Hope you cam help me. :idea:
    THanks, Antonella.

  • What on earth is this? No word wrap, no setting for font size, hangs, crashes. How do I get the one that was before the last update? Word Wrap is the only reason I use any Opera products. I am going to disable the updates on my phone before you'll ruin Opera for Android also. LG Spirit 4G Android 5.0.

  • best browser ever!
    please give full screen edition. this will help a lot when i write long comment on Facebook. please lock exit visa back button.
    why i can't contract to polish office?
    hope reply.

  • почему постоянная окошко о "расчете данных шрифта"? Не возможно пользоваться как только пройдет , через некоторое время минуты через 3 по новой !

  • Terrific...
    I wrote a long explanation of my issues, after not coming here for a long time & being pretty lost about a couple things....and I hit send or whatever it says & bam, my post is gone & does not show here. Same ol crap as before...

  • Great... Now it works after it lost my whole comments about the problems I have...

  • Allright... I keep getting msg's about how opera link thing is going away. I find the msg & this forum very confusing. All I have is this phone, nothing else. I want to keep my bookmarks, saved pages, speedials, downloads, etc. Do I need to do anything to keep them or am I all set the way I am? What about backups of these things? Also, I have mini 7.6 something. I remember getting a msg about mini 8 but I refrained because the reviews didn't sound too good at the time. Now I come here & see its up to 12. Holy shit, how'd that happen. I have android phone htc desire 816. It has 4.4. I didn't upgrade to 5.0 again because it sounded like it might cause me problems. Should I update to mini 12 or what?

    Thanx in advance for a good English comprehensible reply.