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Opera Mini 4.5 will not more be used?

  • It's means that i couldnt syncro no more?

    Yes. You will need to upgrade to a newer version of Opera Mini.

    Please, i cant lose my bookmarks, notes, and all my data of two years!

    You have time put them in another place or upgrade your OM. That's why they announced it a couple of months before the service be closed.

  • Thanks for your response. Is a real shame.
    Please, tell me what vers of OM i can use to syncro the bookmarks and notes, normally, in a Sony Ericsson k310i, if possible. Else, how i wish to continue with Opera, what mobile op sys work better with OM, for ex Android?
    Please, help me in all that you can, i love Opera Mini and wish to continue.
    Thank you very much.

  • Please, tell me what vers of OM i can use to syncro the bookmarks and notes

    Which notes? I don't remember such feature in Opera Mini.

    Anyway, try to upgrade to the newest version which is 11. And import your Link data in

  • If anyone knows that OM 4.5 has a folder Notes, please Help me.
    The problems are: 1) The notes saved in old link.opera cant be copied into new sync.opera because here no exist a folder for them. I have many notes, are importants work's notes.
    2) From link.opera to new sync link, neither i cant copy SpeedDial and the Feedlist data.
    3) Only bookmarks are copied. But when i try see them from my mobile, the folder is empty and i dont know if the bookmks has been really copied.
    4) Finally, how can i do to use my old data, including notes, of link.opera into a new mobile device or an Opera Mini upgrade.
    If someone can help me, please that the answers may be relevant to my questions, specially the last.
    In advance, many thanks.

  • @clautrajano, you can get to your notes and backup them by using old Opera browser for computers. They might not be exposing it for download on the main site, though the builds are available on

  • Anyway this would give you a chance to copy the data, but you might not be able to use the feature anymore after Link is turned off, I guess.

  • I still used Opera Mini 4.5, but don't know if it'll still work in December or after December. I'm starting to use Opera Mini 8. I like the tabs and select text tool, but AFAIK it no longer has the landscape mode nor am I able to use #3 to go to top of page and bottom of page. (The #3 shortcut is now a "find" function.)

    I believe that you can still sync your bookmarks, speed dial and notes. Isn't speed dial just 9 bookmarks? I think you can have more than 9 on Opera Mini 8, but you can only use the *_ shortcuts for the first nine.

    It tells you a way to sync if link.opera doesn't work. I can't remember how I did it, but just login to to sync on your Opera Mini 4.5, sync each individual bookmark, then they will all appear on Opera Mini 8 once you download it (Opera Mini 8), install it and log in to sync. I'm not sure, but I think you should be able to sync your notes using the same method. Good luck and let us know if it works for you!

  • This tool will work for bookmarks. Not sure if it'll work for notes.

  • And apparently Opera Mini 4.5 will still be functional. It will just lose the ability to synchronize. You should not be losing your bookmarks or your notes. Also, read this and follow this thread:

  • Basically the "bookmarks" part of the new system is an afterthought.

    Keep in mind that when they re-launched Opera, there was no bookmark system. We were instead supposed to use the quick launch system as a "bookmarks" system, this according to the hairbrained UI scheme some designer cooked up on iPad (Opera Coast or some such).

    Then they realized this was unwieldy for anything but a small number of often used pages, and so added "folders". But even that proved limied, so they caved and added bookmarks back in, as a special entry on the quick launch page.

    Face it people, the Opera company of today is not the same as the one that built the 12.x desktop, the original Mini and Mobile browsers. The current one is hung up on design for designs sake, and about chasing some internet "zeitgeist". What used to be a company run by engineer is no run by professional managers and cloudcuckoolander designers.

  • @sayahh Many thanks, all you said has been very useful.
    Isn't possible save notes even OM 8, because in new sync.opera no exist this folder.
    It's a really shame that Opera not continue with notes, a very useful function!