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Can I choose where the Bookmarks location is? Can't find it in Settings.

  • Surely we can control where our Bookmarks are located?

  • Nope.

  • Surely we can control where our Bookmarks are located?

    Do you mean located in the interface, or located in a folder hierarchy tree?

    In the former case, the Bookmarks interface screen (Ctrl+Shift+B) is what it is and can't be changed; a bookmarks menu is accessible from the main Opera menu; the Bookmarks Bar is available, but completely optional.

    In the latter case, I wish I could have my well-organized folders of bookmarks begin at the top, not under My folders; but I've tried, and it's not possible. Under My folders, though, the structuring of folders and subfolders is up to you.

  • The bookmarks file?

  • Yes, the file location. So I can back it up often. The new Bookmarks Manager seems hopeless. The old one was so logically laid out. Folders and subfolders like Windows Explorer. Do I have to get another program for that? An extension? Surely there must be good ones out there considering the importance of bookmarks in our online life.

  • The bookmarks file is located in your Opera profile folder. You can find a link to that folder inside the About page in the Opera menu. It is named 'Bookmarks' with no extension.

    As for changing its location you can, but only if you change the entire profile location to go alone with it. It requires the use of a command line switch. Just have a google for chrome command lines switches, Opera uses most of those out of the box.

  • Yes, the file location. So I can back it up often.

    1. You can do back-ups of the whole Profile.
    2. You can create a shortcut to the file or to the containing folder to get to it faster (not recommended if you're prone to accidents).
  • In Opera 12, you just enter about:config in the address bar. Then you scroll down until you find "User prefs" and expand it. The value you're looking for is "Hot list file V2" which is the location of where your bookmarks.adr file is located.
    I think there is also a way to do it in the operaprefs.ini file, but I don't recall how.

    Not sure about Chromra. Probably not possible, as Chrome is designed to be a "Download and go" browser. It's not very customizable.

  • Not very customizable at all. Its like graduating from high school and finding yourself in kindergarten instead of university. In the "Stable" opera all I have in the About Page is Install, Profile and Cache. Nothing about Bookmarks.

  • "You can do back-ups of the whole Profile."
    Anybody know where this Profile is in XP and Opera 32? Couldn't find it in Documents_and_Settings/Application Data/my_user_name/Opera/Opera_Stable. There is a file there called Preferences but there is nothing at the end of it like .ini. I used Notepad to open it but its just gibberish to me. Bookmarks is in there several times. Its like trying to read a foreign language that has been scrambled. 🙂

  • Anybody know where this Profile is in XP and Opera 32?

    See Menu > About Opera for the path.

    Couldn't find it in DocumentsandSettings/Application Data/myusername/Opera/Opera_Stable

    This is most probably your profile folder.

    Bookmarks is in there several times.

    There should be only one Bookmarks files plus Bookmarks.bak and BookmarksExtras.