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  • Can someone verify, that these videos does not work with Opera. It seems those sites does not support Opera browser. I have tried ad-blocker disabled, but they still don't play. I'm using Opera 32. It's same with 12. Works with Firefox.!/jakso/33003015/winx-klubi/521837/universumin-ensimmainen-vari

    Those links are absolutely safe to click.

  • ruutu - the upper block?
    Seems 'nothing there'.

    The latter one wants some Silverlight...

    (Opera 11 here.)

  • That ruutu has flash videos. Won't work with my Opera and flash PPAPI enabled. That second one seems to use Silverlight, but in Chrome it plays as HTML5 (as fas as know). Opera's HLTM5 does not seem to work. Actually i have contacted their support, and answer was that their site does not support Opera. I just wonder why Chrome works and Opera don't, since they are pretty much the same? Can sites just decide which browser to support and which not?

    Edit: Those ruutu videos does not work with "click-to-play" setting. Need allow all or important content. So that's solved.

  • If you don't install a useragent switcher then of course sites can decide which browser to support - but really shouldn't.

  • Just want so say, that got those Katsomo html5 videos work too (without the user agent switcher). I had to enable Media Source API in flags. Also had to enable encrypted media extensions, since some katsomo videos needs those.

    I think all of those options are enabled by default in Opera, but i have a (bad) habit of disabling features which i think are not really needed or necessary. Media Source API was causing some high CPU issues, but now it seems to be fine. I'm on latest stable Opera.

    Edit: Oh, enabling EME also enabled own plugin for it (widevinecdmadapter.dll).

    Widevine Content Decryption Module
    Enables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content. (version: