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Upgrading Opera 12 to 32: tab stacking and opening new tabs

  • I just installed Opera 32, upgrading from v. 12.16. I was really disappointed that a couple of functions involving tabs are not found in the new version. I hope someone can tell me whether I'm correct about this, or am just missing something.

    First, there seems to be no more tab stacking. That was extremely convenient when a large number of tabs were open in one window, making it easier to organize and view them.

    I also find that Shift+Click no longer seems to open a link in a new foreground tab. Ctrl+Click, or right-clicking a link and selecting Open link in new tab, opens the link in new background tab (the same as IE, which is one thing that made IE distinctly less usable than Opera 12). Shift+Click seems to open a link in a new window. That's handy, but a new foreground tab would be handier.

  • there seems to be no more tab stacking.

    Yep, tsb stsck is gone in Ópera Blink.

  • Thanks, leocg. A real shame, IMHO. Almost feels like the current version has been "dumbed down" to meet the expectations of users of other browsers.

  • Yes, they've changed around the keyboard shortcuts for tabs. Previously, Shift+Ctrl+click was for opening a tab in the background, but now Shift+Ctrl+click (also just Shift+click) is for opening a tab in the foreground. To open a tab in the background now, it's Ctrl+click.

  • Ah, Shift+Ctrl+Click! I hadn't tried that :doh: , and sure enough, it does open the link in a tab in the foreground. Thanks, ugcheleuce! (Shift+Click, I find, opens the link in a new window.)

  • In 32, you can change a few shortcuts from settings opera://settings/configureCommands. You will find a lot of things missing by the way from 12 to 32, and a few with degraded functionality. If you stick to it for a while, you will adapt with most of them, and you will miss other ones.

  • Yes, that's what I'm finding in the first couple of days. In other threads, I've seen that the developers want others to create extensions for features that they feel aren't used enough to justify their spending time on them. Hard to believe tab-stacking wasn't much used, though.