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  • Does this mean, that Opera by itself does NOT provide a way to disable auto-updates, and the only way is to block this from the outside???? Don't tell me that this is true!!!

    Yep, there is no setting to disable autoupdate and i don't thinl there will be one in a near future.

    As i said somewhere else, i think this will be the default behavior for most softwares sooner or later. Even Windows is doing it depending on your version of Windows 10.

  • find file "opera_autoupdate.exe" in Oprah's folder and rename it.

  • When i had opera_autoupdate.exe accidentally blocked by my firewall, Opera created bunch of small ssdfp... files in the Opera profile folder. I guess they were created every time due a failed update check attemp. So if you block the update, there can be load of those files in your Opera profile folder. I'm not sure if those are ever auto-cleared by Opera.

  • I always tought that those ssdfp files were related to statistics send to Opera.

  • In the thread linked by digiface, there was reference to setting an environment variable OPERAAUTOUPDATEDISABLED. I know how to set a variable, but what would be the value used? 1?

  • what would be the value used? 1?

    It can be anyone but i'm not sure if it still works.

  • Thanks, leocg. I did set it to 1; but I also like szubirubi's idea of renaming "opera_autoupdate.exe" (if Oprah doesn't mind 😉 ). I just installed Opera 32, upgrading from v. 12.16, and I want to get used to it before any updates.

  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\32.0.1948.69 (or the latest version folder you have)

    Rename opera_autoupdate.exe, opera_autoupdate.licenses and opera_autoupdate.version to something else, eg. opera_autoupdate.exe.BKP etc...

  • Beautiful, skoy21! I mistakenly made the name change to C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\updatechecker\opera_autoupdate.exe, which of course was the Opera 12 updater. Thanks much for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Thanks for the instructions. I've used it to prevent Opera from updating on a laptop that's being used in a remote part of the world with (very) slow internet speeds. (Opera was chosen as the default web browser because it has Turbo mode, which speeds up web browsing a lot there.)

    What way would you recommend to update Opera when the laptop is in a region with good internet speed? (operaautoupdate.exe, operaautoupdate.licenses and operaautoupdate.version have been renamed)

    Can I simply reinstall Opera with the newest version and/or do I have to restore the operaautoupdate files with the original file names?


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