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Opera Mail - Suddenly started only downloading message headers - no content

  • Hi. I think this is the right place to post queries about Opera Mail.

    I use Opera Mail to access emails on my Windows desktop - from three separate email accounts.

    When I downloaded emails sent to my work email account over the weekend this morning, it downloaded only the headers, with the following error message:
    [This message could not be retrived properly. This message may be corrupted or received improperly.
    Please ask the sender to retransmit the message
    (This is a system generated message)]

    Worse still, I thought the best solution might be to delete the account and reinstall it. Now I have the same problem with every single one of my emails. I have all the message headers (although now they are all listed as received at 9.50am BST this morning, rather than the dates and times they were actually sent).

    Emails to my other two email accounts are all working fine in Opera Mail. Emails to the business email account (the one that has gone haywire in Opera) are still displaying fine on my iPhone and iPad. And also through the email providers' webmail service. It is only in Opera Mail that I have this problem. But I use the laptop for most of my work, so this is a pretty big problem for me.

    Any help or advice would be very gratefully received.


  • I presume you're talking about an IMAP account? It may be an issue with the server, which means it would come back on its own later.

    (An old-fashioned POP3 account should always include messages.)

  • Hi Sgunhouse,

    Yes - sorry, should have made clear. It is an IMAP account.

    I have messaged the support desk at my email host - which is eNomcentral. The service is pretty patchy anyway. I'm a vaguely competent tech novice. But I don't really understand email hosting. If I did, and I knew I could move while keeping my email address and all my historic emails, I'd have moved provider already!


  • In Opera Mail, in the account setup dialog, there are settings to download all new messages (not just headers) and to keep all downloaded messages. Obviously that will require more storage on your system, but if you have lots of space on your hard drive you could do that. Keep in mind, old messages will only be downloaded when you read them (once they get the system working again), but once they've been downloaded they'll stay on your system (if you enabled that option). Of course, "lots of space" is relative, depending on how much mail you have and how large the messages are (HTML messages or large attachments will increase the message size). Doesn't solve the current problem, but for the future it might help.

  • Download the Opera mail installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" for a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "Standalone Installation (USB)" and install. In that Opera Mail, set up the IMAP account fresh (don't try to import etc.).

    If things work fine in that, it's definitely something messed up with your normal install. If things still don't work fine, turn on logging and see what the log says.

  • Hi all.

    Bad news, and much better news:
    Sgunhouse: The bad news is for my business account, I had checked that box, so they were all downloaded and stored locally. But when I hit on the bright idea of fixing the original problem by reinstalling the account, they all got deleted, and then, as per original message above, only the headers downloaded! (Lesson learnt!)

    The much better news is that new emails started coming through properly this morning. So I deleted the account again and reinstalled it, and now they're all back as they should be - with correct header, date and time details, AND all the content downloaded too.

    No idea what the problem was, but it is all resolved. Thanks to everyone who read my message, gave it any thought and/or replied - much appreciated!