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  • Can you please assist? for the last 3-4 days the emails are not received, nor sent. When clicking on sent/receive button, it shows message: fetching 100 + emails. The number is increasing, but the emails are not downloading. No changes in the settings have been made in the last few days. Any ideas?
    Thanks much in advance. Kind Regards...

  • Are you using Opera 12 or Opera mail?

  • I am using Opera Mail, Thanks lando242. Any suggestions, please?

  • Check the settings for the account which is giving you problems. Also, make sure your anti-virus (if it includes an email scanner) is set up properly.

    It's been a few years now, but at one time there was a wave of spammers sending messages with malformed "envelopes". I got a couple, and Opera couldn't download them (because in fact there was no message to download). I had to go to my provider's webmail page and delete the problem message there so that the rest of my mail could be downloaded. Personally I would have expected any current mail provider to recognize and cope with this particular issue - I only mention it because it sounds a lot like your issue.

  • No changes in the settings have been made in the last few days.

    On the "Servers" tab in the account's settings, retype your username and password for both the incoming and outgoing servers, even if you haven't messed with things recently.

    You can also turn on logging and see if Opera is running into any errors. If you see authentication failure, that's probably an issue with your username and or password. Also make sure the port and TLS setting is correct for your mail provider.

    The log should also help if Opera is getting stuck on a message like sgunhouse said. If the log stops at a certain message, that message or the one before it might be the cause.

    Make sure the time, date, time zone and daylight savings time settings are still correct on your computer too.

  • I also forgot to tell that every time I am opening Opera Mail it has a lot of emails opened, even the ones I have deleted a while ago. It's pretty annoying trying to close all those old and deleted emails. It happens EVERY TIME when I open Opera Mail

  • Thanks much Sgunhouse and Burnout.
    I had not change any settings since June 2015. THis is when I installed Opera and have there 2 Mail clients from different Service providers. I know that one of my email box (hosting in US) have been hacked andall the emails gone. At a a time I was using webmail client and THunderBird. Hence, I decided to try Opera. It was fine till the last week. I had not change any settings and using only one Antivirus product for the last 80 days (2,5 months)...

    Burnout, I will try again to enter my credentials in to both accounts

    Thanks again

  • Hello, Guys, Tried everything. No changes 😞 It says now: more than 1500 emails fetching - nothing is downloading. and the old and deleted emails are still appeared opened when the Opera Mail opens up.
    Any other suggestions, please?