Disable update prompt on 12.17(Opera)

  • How to

    Disable update prompt on 12.17(Opera)

    Its there and its stupid.

    I already got Opera 3x.xx for watching twitch

    Why does it ask me

  • Make sure you've turned off update checking by following:
    Menu > Tools > Advanced > Security: under Auto-update, select 'Do not check for updates' > OK.

    If that doesn't stop the update attempts, search out your opera_autoupdate.exe file and change its name to something like opera_autoupdate.Xexe . (NOTE: these filenames should actually contain one underscore symbol between opera and autoupdate - the Markdown language version used in these forums misinterprets the underscore symbol to cause italics thereafter instead, and I frankly don't remember the way to defeat that action for typing into these forums.)

    If your system pops up a warning that this could cause instability, go ahead anyhow - it's just Windows' normal warning about changing file extensions. That should block Opera from updating thereafter. It's how I've blocked update attempts to Olde Opera for a couple of years. (For stability reasons, nothing auto-updates on my systems except AV signatures; ALL updating is done manually at times of my choosing.)

  • Not finding "tools" under menu

  • Not finding "tools" under menu

    Try Menu > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Security

  • Also recommended

    Type opera:config in address bar

    search keyword "update" and clear

    Autoupdate Geo Server autoupdate.geo.opera.com

    Autoupdate Server autoupdate.opera.com

    don't forget press Save

    Or add autoupdate.geo.opera.com and autoupdate.opera.com to hosts file or firewall. Because I noticed unauthorized values recovered in opera:config!

    "Not finding "tools" under menu"

    Select O-Menu > "Show Menu bar" first or Ctrl+F12

  • If you don't block access to autoupdate.opera.com, owners can remotely change any setting in your Opera browser! What and when they want. Even if auto-update off! Now they for example forcibly turn off TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Check file autoupdate_response.xml by yourself

  • Not finding "tools" under menu

    Sorry! 😞

    I left 'Preferences' out of the middle of the instruction string:
    Menu > Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Security etc

    Or you could just use CTRL+F12 > Advanced > Security etc to cut to the chase.

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  • what about Disable Opera Package AutoUpdate ?

  • what about Disable Opera Package AutoUpdate ?

    What do you mean by Opera package?

  • What do you mean by Opera package?

    He means opera:config#UserPrefs|DisableOperaPackageAutoUpdate

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