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Upgrading to current Opera - bookmarks?

  • I haven't upgraded Opera in a long time, and I know that's my bad. I'm still on v. 12.16. I want to upgrade to the current version, but I have a few questions that I hope are simple to answer. I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, if that is relevant.

    1. What is the relationship of Bookmarks to Speed Dial in the current version?

    2. I have many, many bookmarks and saved passwords that I don't want to lose. Will I be able to transfer them to the current version?

    3. To be on the safe side, I'm thinking about installing the current Opera into a new folder (i.e., not C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera). Will this make it harder to transfer bookmarks, etc.?

    Thanks for anyone's help!

  • You can eventually update your actual version to 12.17, and have it running with the new one in the same time on your system without any problem.

    1. Easy. There are options to import data from Opera 12

    2. No

    1. Speed Dial is part of bookmarks.

    However, i'm not sure i got what you want to know.

    1. As said, you should be able to import them

    2. There shouldn't be any issues because of it.

  • Thanks, g00g00 and leocg, this is helpful. At one stage I thought that bookmarks had been made part of Speed Dial, which sounded awful. I'm glad to know that it is the reverse. This is all very encouraging.

    I believe that what I will do, before I upgrade, is copy my entire 12.16 installation into a backup folder somewhere so I can restore it in case anything goes wrong. (Not just C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera, but also C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera, and C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera.) I have also saved the 12.16 installer in case I absolutely need to roll things back.

    One further question: I see that on the Windows computer download page, there are two links. One downloads Opera_NI_stable.exe (about 707 KB), and one, labeled "Prefer to install Opera later?," downloads Opera_32.0.1948.69_Setup.exe (about 33MB). I presume that the former is an installer that will start downloading the setup file and installing automatically, while the latter is simply the setup file that the user runs manually, and perhaps requires more user interaction. Is that approximately correct?

  • The current version of Opera is a completely different program from Opera 12. it does not use any of the same install locations. They can live together quite happily on the same system with default install settings. You don't need to move anything.

  • Interesting, lando, thanks. I won't move anything, for sure. All I want to do is copy those locations somewhere for backup, extra-special handholding purposes. 🙂

  • Just returning to say that I did do a backup. But having installed v. 32 and started learning the new program, I don't think I'll have any reason to go back. I'm just a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy. 😃

  • I would be surprised if there is any link between Speed Dial and Bookmarks. Yesterday, Opera deleted all my extensions and my speed dial, but not my bookmarks.

  • I would be surprised if there is any link between Speed Dial and Bookmarks.

    Speed Dial is part of Bookmarks.