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Valid site returns "Unable to complete secure transaction" with O12, but ok with O33

  • 12.17, Win 8.1., is returning "Unable to complete secure transaction" with Opera 12.17, but loads with Opera 33. The site is excluded from the firewall (Comodo) and MBAM, so is there something else that needs adjustment with 12.17's settings? This has been going on for several months.

  • How old is Opera 12 now? In Preferences > Advanced > Privacy, click on the security setings and make sure TLS 1.1 is enabled (it was disabled by default in O12), but as old as it is there are updates it doesn't have that 33 does. Any reason that would be surprising?

  • Thanks, but didn't work. Oh well, one of the minor inconeniences of continuing to use what remains the best Opera browser.

  • Use

    Add content from to Content blocker

    and to UserCSS (it is 2 css from site combined to one)

  • Thanks. Some questions:

    • What content blocker? Content blocking on a page asks for what portion to block
    • UserCSS is where?
  • "What content blocker?"

    Classic Menu bar > Tools > Advanced > Blocked Content > Add
    (For O-Menu select first "Show Menu Bar")

    "UserCSS is where?"

    Go to > right mouse click > Edit site preferences > Display > My style sheet > Choose > specify path to thepiratebay.css from (save thepiratebay.css to local disk first of course).

  • Assuming one knows how to edit your right clik menu, A quick and easy method I use to view site that won't load due to security issues is to add to the menu an item to view the site in a new tab inside opera using Internet Explorer

    Here is the script:

    Item, View in IE=Go to page, "javascript:(function(){if(location.protocol.match(/^(javascript|about|opera):$/i))return;var l=location.href;var t=(document.getElementsByTagName('title')[0]?document.getElementsByTagName('title')[0].text:l).replace(/</g,'<').replace(/>/g,'>');var'','_blank');w.document.documentElement.innerHTML=''+t+' - using Internet Explorer renderingbody{margin:0;padding:0;overflow:hidden;}embed{border:none;}'})();",,"View in IE",View

    Reguires installation of neptune:

    Issues: Some sites will get script error pop up, have to dismiss, and the url does not display in the address bar, just about blank but it does show page title for the site in the tab. And I can't figure out how to bookmark page or use auto login (have to enter password manually).

    I got this script from one of the old button creator sites, should be able to make a button from the script

  • 12.17, Win 8.1., is returning "Unable to complete secure transaction" with Opera 12.17, but loads with Opera 33.

    The piratebay uses the Cloudflare's free SSL ceritificate that do not support Opera browser.