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[Solved]Facebook page loading problems

  • Hello,
    I really like using Opera, but recently an annoying problem occurred - the facebook page is loading in a funny way (everything is mixed up - please, see link). I'm using Opera v32.0, and I can't find what is causing this problem.

    Please, could anyone help?
    Thank you for your time.

  • I had a similar issue with a different site. I switched to Opera 33 beta and it renders correctly in it.

  • To make sure that is not because of extensions, try opening FB in new private window and see if that happens (in private window, all extensions are disabled by default, unless you change it)

  • I tried opening opera in private window, and FB renders correctly, but now I'm trying figure out what extension could cause this rendering problem, because I'm using only one extension Adblock v2.41, and none other.

    I disabled the Adblock extension, but that didn't help. Still same problem in normal mode window.

    Is there any other reason this would render incorrectly, while in private mode everything seems good?

  • I disabled the Adblock extension, but that didn't help. Still same problem in normal mode window.

    Try cleaniung Opera's cache and also cookies for Facebbok.

  • I wouldn't count on disabling the extension as completely ruling it out, especially with private mode working. That also suggest cookies like leocg said.

    I've found Adguard to be a little more effective and faster than AdBlock and the recent sale of AdBlock to an advertiser-run committee, I'm never looking back.

  • This helped! Thank you guys.
    When I cleaned Opera's cache and cookies directly from Opera, nothing changed, but then I did the same thing with Ccleaner and that worked perfectly.

    I've never encountered on a rendering (loading) problem like this one, will know in the future what to do.
    Thank you once again.

    I'm gonna try with Adguard as well 🙂

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